Scarlett – The Inside Magic Celebrity Interview

Scarlett is Hot!Scarlett is the newest subject of our Inside Magic Celebrity Interview.

Even in the midst of opening of her new show at Riviera in Las Vegas, she took the time to answer our tough questions with the style and aplomb for which she is known.

The beautiful magician, dancer, escape artist and polyglot is the star of Scarlett and her Seductive Ladies of Magic in the Versailles Theater at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.


Inside Magic: Tell us a little about yourself.  Do you come from a family involved in show business?

Scarlett: “I was born and raised in Reno, NV.

I moved from Reno to Las Vegas summer ’07 to pursue the magic show.

I’ve always been on stage. I started dancing very young and have studies everything from ballet, tap, Irish, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, salsa, tango, ballroom, etc. and was a featured dancer of the Reno Irish Dance Co. for over 8 years.

Additional performing and studies in acting made my desire to be a professional entertainer.”

Inside Magic:How did you learn Spanish, German and Chinese, as well as all forms of dance, Magic, Escape Artistry, and still sleep occasionally?  We are guessing you are a Type-A personality.

Scarlett: “I learned Spanish and Chinese when I was studying at UNLV.

I thought it would be advantageous being an entertainer, to have the ability to reach more audiences being tri-lingual.

The Chinese love magic too, which sparked my interest in Chinese.

I love to learn, so learning magic on top of everything else was intriguing.

I don’t really have a type A personality though.  I’m actually really shy and don’t talk much.”


Inside Magic: We understand that your first professional involvement in Magic was as an assistant to magician John Andrews (the stage name of John Lewis) in Reno.  How did that come about?

Scarlett: “I started out as a magician’s assistant after hearing about the job opening from my dance director.

I leaped on it instantly and was extremely excited. I was enthralled to get the job and loved learning the new craft.

I worked with Jon Andrew for two years doing shows around town for various events, and charities like The Shriners’ Club and venues.”

Las Vegas:

Inside Magic: When did you decide to move to Las Vegas? Did you have contacts in Las Vegas before you came or did you arrive “cold”? Was the reality of Las Vegas’ entertainment business close to what you anticipated? How was it different?

Scarlett: “After working with Jon two years he decided to teach me how to perform magic to produce a magic show of my own in Las Vegas.

We knew there hadn’t been a female magician headlining in Las Vegas since Melinda left around 2002.

And we knew noone and nearly nothing about how to acquire a job in a casino showroom.

We knew it would be a tough road but we persevered.”

Inside Magic:How did you get involved with V?

Scarlett: “We got involved with V after auditioning for David Saxe.

Several months later there was an opening and we entered into a contract with him. David liked my performing style very much.

I was extremely excited to have my own show on the Las Vegas strip in only one year nearly to the day!”

Inside Magic: There have been so few headlining female Magicians in Las Vegas, do you think there are obstacles female Magicians encounter that male Magicians do not meet? Even now at your elevated position in Las Vegas entertainment hierarchy, do you still encounter barriers or prejudices because of your gender?

Scarlett: “I do believe that female magicians encounter a great deal of preconceived negativity by habit.

To this day I feel I am overlooked at local events, parties, etc. that male magicians are always invited to.”



Inside Magic:Is headlining a Las Vegas Show what you expected it to be? How is it more difficult than you may have anticipated and how does it surpass your vision?

Scarlett: “It’s my dream come true. I never find it difficult because it is what I love to do. Every obstacle is another chance to learn something new or gain a new perspective.”

Inside Magic: When did you begin performing escapes; especially one of the more dangerous escapes, The Water Torture Cell?  How do you prevent the safety precautions from becoming routine?

Scarlett: “I began performing escapes two years ago.

I didn’t work with any other escape artists; I just set my mind to it.

I purchased the Water Torture Cell used from Bill Smith of Magic Ventures.

It is a dangerous escape but I enjoy tempting fate. There is no way to prevent safety precautions from becoming routine.”

Inside Magic:What advice would you give a young magician, male or female, hoping to one day headline in Las Vegas?

Scarlett: “The advice I’d give to any magician looking to headline is just go for it!”

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