Ft. Myers’ Magician Frank Mikeska Profiled

magic frank mikeskaFormer Ford Executive Frank Mikeska was pronounced dead on arrival after a horrendous automobile accident in 1973.

Over the more than five years it took to recover, he learned to walk again, and found a new passion in performing magic.

The Lehigh Acres Citizen (Florida) has a great profile on the man known as Magic Frank. He works restaurants in the resort area of Ft. Myers, Florida.

“They took me to the hospital DOA (dead on arrival). I died three more times there, spent 30 days in a critical coma, and went from critical care to intensive care, then step-down care,” he said. “Finally, about four or five months later, I got into my own room and they started putting me back together again.”

During one of his many hospital stays while recovering, an uncle introduced Frank to an old-time Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey magician.

“He knew how everything worked with magic, but his hands were so arthritic. Of course I was a young pup then, so my hands were young and agile, and he showed me everything he knew,” the magician said.

“After that, I started attending numerous magic lectures, magic seminars, weekend schools I just became fascinated with the craft and wanted to learn all I could about it.”

Check out the great profile of this remarkable man in today’s Lehigh Acres Citizen.

“My main objective when entertaining is to give personal attention to the guests and their friends and family, so they each have a wonderful one-on-one experience with magic. I can make empty seats in your restaurant disappear!”

We fully intend to steal that last line for our promotional mailings.

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