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Ft. Myers’ Magician Frank Mikeska Profiled

magic frank mikeskaFormer Ford Executive Frank Mikeska was pronounced dead on arrival after a horrendous automobile accident in 1973.

Over the more than five years it took to recover, he learned to walk again, and found a new passion in performing magic.

The Lehigh Acres Citizen (Florida) has a great profile on the man known as Magic Frank. He works restaurants in the resort area of Ft. Myers, Florida.

“They took me to the hospital DOA (dead on arrival). I died three more times there, spent 30 days in a critical coma, and went from critical care to intensive care, then step-down care,” he said. “Finally, about four or five months later, I got into my own room and they started putting me back together again.”

During one of his many hospital stays while recovering, an uncle introduced Frank to an old-time Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey magician.

“He knew how everything worked with magic, but his hands were so arthritic. Of course I was a young pup then, so my hands were young and agile, and he showed me everything he knew,” the magician said.

“After that, I started attending numerous magic lectures, magic seminars, weekend schools I just became fascinated with the craft and wanted to learn all I could about it.”

Check out the great profile of this remarkable man in today’s Lehigh Acres Citizen.

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