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Cover of Whit Haydn's Impromtu Card Code DownloadWe have written this review for Whit Haydn’s Impromptu Card Code several times in the past few weeks.  If you are reading this now, it is likely the final version and our opinion for all eternity.

Whilst perusing Lybrary.com, we found The Impromptu Card Code, read the description, and tossed it virtually into our metaphorical shopping cart.  The presentation and secret are part of a Windows Media download for $6.00; or as part of the compilation DVD Convention at the Capital – 2000, for $20.00.

Here is the description:

Imagine performing a card trick for a blind person – making them the star.

Actually, any unsuspecting spectator can instantly become your secret accomplice and read your thoughts.

They will be able to identify the color and value of cards without looking at them.  Practical and magical.

Who among us would not part with $6.00 to learn the secret to the effect described?  Actually, who among us would not gladly pay twice that amount for a trick half as good?

The download takes only a few seconds over our relatively slow DSL connection.  But our brain works quickly.  In the 47 seconds it took to reach the second bay of our Tandy TRX-1000 for storage on our double-sided floppy disk, we had doubts, concerns, and worries.

Some of those thoughts were even related to the download and not just life in general or the secret thoughts of overly friendly neighbor.

What if Whit Haydn let us down?  What if this was the one Whit Haydn product that fell short of perfection?  Why don’t the voices in our head ever say nice things about people?  Maybe the download will fail and our doubts will become fixations and we will have to go back to that clinic again.

The download was successful and we are happy to report Whit Haydn easily retained his rightful position as General Manager of The Pantheon of Magic Super Stars™.

Whit Haydn is not just a genius in the world of magic, but also a genius in the world of smart people who create things with utility.

If you are the one person in the universe of large numbers that does not like Whit Haydn, keep reading to learn why you are wrong and must atone.  If you are normal, you will find yet another reason

Chances are you have some Whit Haydn invention in your current act.  It could be line, a technique, a trick, or even a whole routine.

Our unholy and, according to the opinion of some, unhealthy devotion to all things Whit Haydn breathed new life into our obsessive personality defect.  The best neuropsychiatrists assured us of our cured state.  In fact, we must have asked the doctor a thousand times whether we still had OCD.  While he did not return each of those voice mail messages, we felt confident that his chemical and therapeutic regime did its job.

Before we sought help – the last time at least – we bought virtually anything that Whit Haydn produced and we thought it was over.

Is buying virtually anything sold by a particular vendor a bad thing?

We suggest purchasing great magic is never symptomatic of any psychological – neurological condition.

Unlike the woman who purchased two or three closets’ worth of shoes, or the man who bought every watch he could find, our purchases had a purpose.  We wanted to learn new tricks.  One pair of shoes and one watch is plenty – unless they are gimmicked in some way.

Whit Haydn’s products promise and deliver so much more than the bare necessities of locomotion or the correct time.

The Impromptu Card Code is the archetypical Whit Haydn product: priced far below its actual value; unique and original in presentation and execution; and suitable for the magician of average skill.

The secret to The Impromptu Card Code is ingenious and surpassed only by the method of conveying the code to a volunteer and immediately using it in a routine.

We were in a child-like state with a naive question about the new world we entered: “wait, you mean we are allowed to do that? “

Whit Haydn has charm and charisma far beyond most mortals or ours.

Fortunately, he teaches a technique to engender an almost instant connection between performer and volunteer.  It works, he is good.

The video ends with Whit Haydn telling the story of presenting the effect to or with a blind woman.  It is a very touching and emotionally powerful story.  We actually had tears in our eyes and a lump in our throat.

Who knows if it is a true story?  It could be just part of his lecture script.  We want it to be real but that is part of Whit Haydn’s charm: he encourages his audience to believe the impossible is possible and that the reality he describes is authentic.

Inside Magic Rating   Five out of Five Stars – Our Highest!

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