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Scarlett Pleads No Contest to Attack on Mentor

Injured Magician John Lewis and Scarlett in Booking PhotoThe Las Vegas Review-Journal’sMike Weatherford provides a lengthy piece on the how, what, and to some extent, the why of events leading to Rachel Jessee’s guilty plea and conviction for battery last month.

We reported on Ms. Jessee’s rapid rise to fame and attempt to become the preeminent female magician in Las Vegas.

We interviewed Ms. Jessee for the Inside Magic Celebrity Interview section as she began a three month run at the Riviera.

While it seemed unlikely anyone could make it to the big show with less than five years in the business, Ms. Jessee seemed to have the backing, momentum, and charisma to make it happen.

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Scarlett – The Inside Magic Celebrity Interview

Scarlett is Hot!Scarlett is the newest subject of our Inside Magic Celebrity Interview.

Even in the midst of opening of her new show at Riviera in Las Vegas, she took the time to answer our tough questions with the style and aplomb for which she is known.

The beautiful magician, dancer, escape artist and polyglot is the star of Scarlett and her Seductive Ladies of Magic in the Versailles Theater at the Riviera Hotel and Casino.


Inside Magic: Tell us a little about yourself.  Do you come from a family involved in show business?

Scarlett: “I was born and raised in Reno, NV.

I moved from Reno to Las Vegas summer ’07 to pursue the magic show.

I’ve always been on stage. I started dancing very young and have studies everything from ballet, tap, Irish, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, salsa, tango, ballroom, etc. and was a featured dancer of the Reno Irish Dance Co. for over 8 years.

Additional performing and studies in acting made my desire to be a professional entertainer.”

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Just a Tease: Scarlett Inside Magic Interview

Scarlett - Seductive Lady of Magic - SmallWe are not suggesting Scarlett, the newest magic star on the strip is a “tease” in any sense.

We are teasing her upcoming interview on Inside Magic.

She will join the long line of great magicians to subject themselves to the harrowing process known as the Inside Magic Celebrity Interview.

She survived and you will have a chance to read the results of this time-honored rite of passage for all great peformers.

We hope to have it published this Friday.

In the interim, check out our coverage of her newest show at the Riveria in Las Vegas.

Scarlett Goes from Princess to Seductress on the Strip

Scarlett - Seductive Lady of Magic - SmallScarlett was known as “The Princess of Magic” when she performed a family-friendly afternoon show that ran six days a week in Planet Hollywood’s V Theater. Her act has a new home and a very different name.

Scarlett and the Seductive Ladies of Magic” sounds less family-friendly but nonetheless interesting.

We suppose a show featuring a beautiful redhead and topless female assistants could be family-friendly but probably not the kind of family you would want to live near.

While Scarlett studied dance for ten years and is no stranger to the stage, she entered the world of magic just a few years ago.

Working first as an assistant to Reno magician Jon Andrew and then his student, Scarlett made her Las Vegas debut last August.

She received high marks from the V Theater’s show producer, David Saxe.

Mr. Saxe knows something about magic and female magicians. His sister is Inside Magic favorite Melinda Saxe.

Mr. Saxe told The Las Vegas Sun last summer:

“She totally reminds me of my sister,” says Saxe, who produced Melindafor 16 years as well as the all-female “Showgirls of Magic” at the San Remo (now Hooters hotel). “She has a presence I like.”

Saxe was impressed with her eagerness to learn and to get her career going, not taking the usual path of becoming a specialty act.

“It was a little aggressive of her to start off with a full show, but that’s the way Melinda did it in 1987.

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