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Scarlett Pleads No Contest to Attack on Mentor

Injured Magician John Lewis and Scarlett in Booking PhotoThe Las Vegas Review-Journal’sMike Weatherford provides a lengthy piece on the how, what, and to some extent, the why of events leading to Rachel Jessee’s guilty plea and conviction for battery last month.

We reported on Ms. Jessee’s rapid rise to fame and attempt to become the preeminent female magician in Las Vegas.

We interviewed Ms. Jessee for the Inside Magic Celebrity Interview section as she began a three month run at the Riviera.

While it seemed unlikely anyone could make it to the big show with less than five years in the business, Ms. Jessee seemed to have the backing, momentum, and charisma to make it happen.

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Breaking News: Johnathan Pendragon Arrested

Johnathan Pendragon's Mug ShotSeveral news outlets are reporting the very disturbing news of Johnathan Pendragon’s arrest yesterday. ┬áThe performer’s real name is Claude Douglas Yarbrough.

Charlotte Pendragon called 9-1-1 around 10:30 yesterday morning during an argument with Johnathan. Ms. Pendragon told the operator “her husband fired a bullet into the floor during an argument.”

The dispatcher instructed Ms. Pendragon to leave the home to avoid an armed confrontation.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Mr. Pendragon at gun-point in the street outside his home. Mr. Pendragon was not armed at the time of the arrest.

Ms. Pendragon was not injured.

According to the Sheriff’s spokesperson, Mr. Pendragon complied immediately with the deputies’ orders and the arrest was conducted without incident.

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