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Inside Magic Favorite, Lee Asher has great stuff.  But there are a lot of magicians with stuff ranging into the “great” category.  Few, however, come close to conveying the secrets behind the “great stuff” to folks of average skill but above average lust for the innovative, practical magic that impresses.

Mr. Asher’s Pulp Friction was Inside Magic’s first brush with the life-changing power of his ability to teach truly amazing magic that real magicians can perform in the real world for real audiences.

Since Pulp Friction, Mr. Asher has released manuscripts, effects, videos, and packages with incredible material through his store on the web.

From Thunderbird to 3 Stylin to The Asher Twist, Catch 33, and Diving Board Double, he offers the type of effect or flourish you will not see others performing.

Now, as he prepares for his newest lecture swing through Malaysia, he graciously offers readers of Inside Magic a special bon-mot.

If you send an email to lee@leeasher.com good things will happen.
First, you will receive a digital coupon code to get 15 percent off anything in the store. The coupon is good only for 72 hours, starting now. Mr. Asher will send you the code only if you include the words INSIDE MAGIC READER in subject line.

Secondly, you will be on the exclusive list to receive a special free gift from Mr. Asher.  He would not provide much detail about the gift other than to say:

This surprise is not only going to help you become a better magician and truly inspire you, but educate you about magic’s rich past. No kidding. Something very cool is on its way to LeeAsher.com.

However, It’s not 100% ready yet. There’s a lot of work to do to get it exactly where it needs to be, and I’ll be in touch soon about what comes next. But I want to be very clear about one thing, it’s not for sale. Rather, it’s another gift for you.

If my plans work out, you’ll be a better magician before the year is out.

Is your curiosity piqued?

Color us “piqued.”

Out of 100 such offers Inside Magic receives weekly, exactly 97.24 percent turn out to be scams.  Out of all of the similar offers Mr. Asher has made in the past, exactly 100 percent have been fantastic!

Inside Magic would not knowingly ask you to submit your email address to someone — even if you could get a 15 percent discount coupon on great magic — unless we were being paid or it was honestly a great deal.

We are not being paid anything for this endorsement.  So, it logically follows, we must believe this is an opportunity by which you should not pass.

Please send your email to lee@leeasher.com now to get the discount before the 72 hour deadline runs out.  Remember to include INSIDE MAGIC READER in the subject line to get the discount code and to receive the special free gift.

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