Jeff McBride to End Run with Bang

Jeff McBride’s wildly successful show at the Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas will come to an end this month.

If you have not already made plans to see Mr. McBride, you have until November 22nd.

The award-winning performer will be working corporate and international gigs immediately after the Palace Station engagement.  He is currently mulling several offers on the Vegas Strip and Inside Magic will be sure to announce when his selection is made.

Mr. McBride said, “I knew, going into this show that it was a ‘limited run’ until Thanksgiving, but it’s still surprising how fast the time has flown by. In a few weeks it will all be a memory! If you want a great memory, come see us soon; you have until the 22nd of this month.”

The final weeks will include a salute to Mentalism as well as several special shows at the Wonderground.

Jeff McBride fans can watch his show without traveling to Las Vegas through the magic of the internet.  Tune in to Friday and Saturday nights to see WONDERGROUND for free.  The feed will be live from 10:00 pm to  2:00 am on the west coast, 1:00 am to 5:00 am on the east coast.

The Palace Station run has garnered great praise during its relatively short life.

Vegas.Com’s reviewer was effusive:

In his show Magic at the Edge, McBride demonstrates his unique and flawless approach to mask-work with a captivating signature act that has him removing mask after mask until his own face is finally revealed. The quick succession of changing faces is not only impressive, but also packed with symbolism.

The editor of the very influential Destination Services newsletter says Mr. McBride’s show is a “keeper.”

What a thrill! Finally, a show worth remembering from the west side of the strip. . . . Jeff  McBride is the most amazing slight of hand magician around. His title of the “fastest hands” certainly speaks for itself.  He pulls together masks, myths, and drama and illusion to tie them into a fast paced and  mystical show. His many awards such as Magician of the year and the Blackstone Theatre award, as well as three time winner in Monte Carlo make this entertainer someone that Vegas should keep forever.

Congratulations to Mr. McBride on a great engagement.  We look forward to his return to the strip soon.

In the interim, be sure to check out his internet feed from Vegas; and his website Magical Wisdom, where you can learn magic on-line from one of the best teachers in the business.  Visit his home on the web at McBride Magic for updated show and tour information.

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