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Lee Asher Teaches the Brute Force Force for Free

Inside Magic Image of Frustrated MagicianLee Asher is one smart cookie.
His writing is always helpful, complete and thoughtful.
We subscribe to his electronic newsletter and are frequently delighted by the neat ideas and moves he offers.
Sure, sometimes the moves are tough to do and we may practice them for a while before returning to our well-practiced 45-minute version of the Twenty-One Card Trick (imagine Bill Malone’s classic Sam the Bellhop but without the flourishes, difficult sleights, interesting story, audience interaction; but twice as long without a big finale).
But like Miley Cyrus or someone looking to boost their immunities against sub-tropical illness, we need the exposure.
Today’s contribution from Mr. Asher is a great technique to force a spectator to select a card from a deck.
We do not wish to engage in the debate whether a magician should ever “force” a card on an unsuspecting audience member.  We understand and appreciate both sides of the argument:
Pro: it is the very foundation of Card Magic.
Con: it violates the volunteer’s free-will.
And while we appreciate the spirit of the debate, we are against the current move here in California to get Proposition 99 on the ballot.  We just don’t believe the government should come between a magician and his or her audience.
The proposition — though well-intentioned — is misguided and would have unforeseen consequences.
The proposed law would require a performer or establishment where more than one performer appears to provide “adequate” notice that customers may be “manipulated” into make choices that otherwise appear to be fair.
The Magic Castle has not issued a statement on this proposition and while we realize this is really intended to go after other, more “adult” segments of the entertainment spectrum, it would take much of the fun out of performing and watching magic.
If you begin a show by explaining that you will be manipulating the audience into making choices, the audience is tipped to the bit.
That may work fine for those who can use such a warning in their act like Derren Brown or Max Maven but for those of us who lack talent and are excited to hit a Classic Force once or twice in a week of work, it makes things tougher.
One of the best things we have going for us is that the audience has no idea what we are doing.
Some nights, we share their mindset.
The proposal will likely not make the ballot and so this is not a problem for magicians or adult entertainers earn their income by lying to their customers about the freedom of their choices.
Political rant aside, Mr. Asher teaches a great, easy force today to subscribers of his magic newsletter.
It is based on the Charlie Miller, Classic Force (table version) which was thought to be published in one of his many Magicana columns in “Genii Magazine”. However, this is not true. Charlie Miller’s table pass appears in print, for the first time, in Harry Riser’s book Secrets Of An Escamoteur (2006).

The Brute Force force works well.

We just tried it out on a fellow passenger on the express bus. He had no idea how we did it. Now he is watching as we type this and so we cannot write the secret here.

We know he is still reading what we are typing and he should realize that is very rude and he should stop.

Really. Stop reading. When is your stop? You might have missed it because you are so intent on reading what we are typing.

Check out Mr. Asher’s great site and learn the secret to the Brute Force force today.

Paul Nathan’s Cool Card Trick Challenge

Inside Magic Image of Attractive Fan Challenging Paul Nathan to Perform a Card Trick or  Cough Up the CashMagician and actor Paul Nathan has a great hook for his play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  If you seem him anywhere (literally anywhere) you are free to stop him and challenge him to perform one of the card tricks his character does in the play, Devil in the Deck.

If he succeeds, you get to see a neat effect in a very impromptu situation.  If he fails, you get a cool $1,000.00.

There are a couple of conditions for the challenge but they are not unreasonable.  First, the deck must be ungimmicked, standard size, and in reasonable condition. If the deck is still in its unopened condition, he will use the deck without hesitation.  If it is well-loved and sticky with various folds and tears, he reserves the right to pass on the challenge.

The only exception to the challenge is CardToon for obvious reasons.

Finally, in handing your deck to Mr. Nathan, you acknowledge you may not get it back. So, if you purchased some of those Jerry’s Nugget decks being offered by Lee Asher, you might want to keep them in your back pocket and hand over a less expensive one.

The play sounds pretty cool as well.  According to one source, “Devil” is an elegant blend of stories, music, and enthralling close-up magic. The card tricks alone are worth the ticket price.”

The show begins its limited run on August 5th and will go until August 29th.

Mr. Nathan is familiar to fans of Star Trek Voyager and has been seen on HBO and MTV.

As Jack Swindle, he spends his life cheating at cards and cheating death to break a gypsy curse.
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Warm Greetings and Offerings from Lee Asher

Recall a couple of weeks ago when Magician, Instructor and bon vivant Lee Asher made a special offer to Inside Magic Readers?

Sure you do. He promised Inside Magic Readers a free gift on his web site that would help inspire us.

Mr. Asher followed through in spades.

The gift is very limited access to incredible magic videos from our craft’s rich history.  The videos are available for viewing for 24 hours and then moved back into the vault for all time.  We don’t know if he considered the effect of this policy but it has us going back to his site daily.  Hmmm.

In the past week or so we have seen some great (and not so great but nonetheless inspiring) magic and magicians.
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Special Deal for Inside Magic Readers

Inside Magic Favorite, Lee Asher has great stuff.  But there are a lot of magicians with stuff ranging into the “great” category.  Few, however, come close to conveying the secrets behind the “great stuff” to folks of average skill but above average lust for the innovative, practical magic that impresses.

Mr. Asher’s Pulp Friction was Inside Magic’s first brush with the life-changing power of his ability to teach truly amazing magic that real magicians can perform in the real world for real audiences.

Since Pulp Friction, Mr. Asher has released manuscripts, effects, videos, and packages with incredible material through his store on the web.

From Thunderbird to 3 Stylin to The Asher Twist, Catch 33, and Diving Board Double, he offers the type of effect or flourish you will not see others performing.

Now, as he prepares for his newest lecture swing through Malaysia, he graciously offers readers of Inside Magic a special bon-mot.

If you send an email to lee@leeasher.com good things will happen.
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