Paul Nathan’s Cool Card Trick Challenge

Inside Magic Image of Attractive Fan Challenging Paul Nathan to Perform a Card Trick or  Cough Up the CashMagician and actor Paul Nathan has a great hook for his play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  If you seem him anywhere (literally anywhere) you are free to stop him and challenge him to perform one of the card tricks his character does in the play, Devil in the Deck.

If he succeeds, you get to see a neat effect in a very impromptu situation.  If he fails, you get a cool $1,000.00.

There are a couple of conditions for the challenge but they are not unreasonable.  First, the deck must be ungimmicked, standard size, and in reasonable condition. If the deck is still in its unopened condition, he will use the deck without hesitation.  If it is well-loved and sticky with various folds and tears, he reserves the right to pass on the challenge.

The only exception to the challenge is CardToon for obvious reasons.

Finally, in handing your deck to Mr. Nathan, you acknowledge you may not get it back. So, if you purchased some of those Jerry’s Nugget decks being offered by Lee Asher, you might want to keep them in your back pocket and hand over a less expensive one.

The play sounds pretty cool as well.  According to one source, “Devil” is an elegant blend of stories, music, and enthralling close-up magic. The card tricks alone are worth the ticket price.”

The show begins its limited run on August 5th and will go until August 29th.

Mr. Nathan is familiar to fans of Star Trek Voyager and has been seen on HBO and MTV.

As Jack Swindle, he spends his life cheating at cards and cheating death to break a gypsy curse.

“He falls in love, you fall in love too. You feel the heartbreak of every loss and the exhilaration of every win. And you realize-all you want to do is play his game.”

via Devil in the Deck! Edinburgh’s Best Magic Show.

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