Ellusionist’s Shift – Self-Bending Fork is Exciting!

Inside Magic Image of Shift - The Self Bending Fork from Ellusionist.comEllusionist’s new effect Shift: The Self-Bending Fork is incredible.

As a rule, we never get excited about anything, ever.

As regular or irregular readers of Inside Magic are aware, we are still paying the price for unrestrained enthusiasm but this post is not to dwell on our marriage to an allegedly “good” disembodied spirit we met whilst running an illegal Ouija Board ring just outside of Tijuana, Mexico.

Suffice to say our excitement blinded us to the obvious barriers of language and physical existence ending in more than six years of monthly payments to our former spouse via one of the few attorneys in the greater Tijuana metro who handles the annulment from fantasma novia.

We did become excited, however, twice at the recent IBM Convention in Dallas, Texas.  Given our Irish Catholic heritage, we were reluctant to drive to the hotel in our open-aired limousine so we took what some have called a taxi from the DFW airport.  It was less like a taxi and more like an extended, frustrating robbery.  It turns out the DFW is pretty far from the D.

The first moment of excitement came when we stopped by the Ellusionist Booth in the Dealers’ area.  It was nice to put faces with names and to touch people’s faces as we repeated their names over and over to ensure an accurate memory.

We were in the midst of feeling the face of a younger man and repeating his name aloud when he interrupted the process by pulling a fork on us.  We are not able to tell you this man’s name because we did not complete our unique memory technique.  We can, however, tell you the name of the fork he pushed into our sweaty palms, Shift.

We did not hear him correctly the first time or were used to a different word being shouted when we are rubbing the visage of new friends.  We thought he was using obscenities to throw us off our memory game.  He explained that the name of the effect was “Shift” and then placed the fork on our palm and touched its center.

While we were holding the fork, it began to spring to life.  Slowly but surely it bowed up and off our palm in an almost perfect “U” shape.

We became excited.  We may have also yelped like a scared little girl but we’re not sure.  It was all a blur.

The effect plays just as it looks on the Ellusionist.com web site.  Check it out for yourself.  It is not inexpensive but it definitely plays huge and has a pronounced and incontinence-inducing effect on at least some spectators.

Click Here to See Shift: The Self-Bending Fork for Yourself!

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