Supermodel Heidi Klum to Join with Lance Burton

The Master Magician will meet up with The Supermodel this winter.

Although Robin Leach began his Las Vegas Sun gossip column this morning with news of a “hickey” or “live bite” on the neck of Criss Angel’s current fling, Holly Madison, he saved the best Magic in Vegas News for last.

Confirming The Las Vegas Review-Journal‘s Norm Clarke’s scoop that the beautiful supermodel Heidi Klum will be filming segments for Germany’s Next Top Model in Las Vegas this January.

Ms. Klum intends to work with Lance Burton to bring some of his magic and magical effects into the hit television show.

Mr. Leach says Ms. Klum has asked Lance Burton to levitate her in one of the scheduled segments.

We always thought Ms. Klum was classy and intelligent.  Her selection of Lance Burton only confirms it.

There is no advance word on the other effects Mr. Burton will perform.  Apparently some of the segments will be filmed at The Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino and possibly The Lance Burton Theatre.

Inside Magic will scour the net for images or further information related to the filming schedule or public appearances of Lance Burton and Heidi Klum.

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