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Criss Angel Loses Girl Gets Bike

criss-angel-believeCriss Angel lost a girlfriend but gained a motorcycle.

According to Robin Leach’s Luxe Life,  Criss Angel gets a new motorcycle at the start of each season of Mindfreak.

The show is entering the fifth season on A & E this fall.

When Criss first saw the jet-black bike as the covers were pulled back, he was stunned, and all he could say was “wow, wow, wow,” according to Motorcycle USA Cruiser Editor Bryan Harley.

One of Criss’s team told me: “He unveils a new bike at the beginning of each new season, and it gets used in several of the illusions. Criss also had a custom-designed bike to reflect his Believe show at the Luxor and a third, which was more of a classic. The official Mindfreak bike will be on display at the Luxor throughout the Season 5 filming.”

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Criss Angel Risks Job Says Hobo Joe

criss-angel-and-holly-madisonWe know what you’re thinking.  Didn’t he just start a new job?  Isn’t it somewhat soon to take a vacation?

When we began work at the now famous Hobo Hot Kakes (“HHK” to locals) eatery in the old Sun Coast Shopping Market in West Palm Beach, Florida back in 1974, our family wanted to take a long-planned vacation to Valdosta, Georgia for the annual festival of agriculture and innovation.  This is long before Valdosta became the international city it is today.

Our new boss at HHK said no vacation or no job.  Even though we had a whole ten days tenure on the HHK bus/dishwashing crew, we couldn’t take a vacation until we had worked at least a year.

Our heart told us to go with the family to the Valdosta fest, but our brain said we could be messing up a job with enormous upside potential.  In the end, we stayed while the family went to Valdosta.  They had a great time, we got ringworm — for reasons unrelated to our work washing dishes but directly related to busing tables.

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