Criss Angel Loses Girl Gets Bike

criss-angel-believeCriss Angel lost a girlfriend but gained a motorcycle.

According to Robin Leach’s Luxe Life,  Criss Angel gets a new motorcycle at the start of each season of Mindfreak.

The show is entering the fifth season on A & E this fall.

When Criss first saw the jet-black bike as the covers were pulled back, he was stunned, and all he could say was “wow, wow, wow,” according to Motorcycle USA Cruiser Editor Bryan Harley.

One of Criss’s team told me: “He unveils a new bike at the beginning of each new season, and it gets used in several of the illusions. Criss also had a custom-designed bike to reflect his Believe show at the Luxor and a third, which was more of a classic. The official Mindfreak bike will be on display at the Luxor throughout the Season 5 filming.”

What did it look like?

It’s a 10 1/2 feet marvel with air-ride suspension lowered to the ground. A ridge runs down the gas tank. The spear-tipped Dyna-style billet front spoiler at the bottom of the down tube is offset on the rear by the fine tapered tip of the back fender and the point of the modified Devil’s Tail swing-arm. The huge 23-inch billet wheel upfront is balanced out by a 300 mm meat out back with the shiny twin stack of cylinders in the form of a BBC-S&S engine sandwiched in between. Short chromed-out open pipes shoot down the left side just below a forward-facing Heavy Breather-style intake. It’s got the Mindfreak touch with a Criss Angel logo on the side cover and MF 13 in gold inlay on the front spoiler to go with blood red demons on the rear fender.

The bike (in motorcycle parlance) was built by Big Bear Choppers.  Criss Angel praised their work, “If the Batmobile was a chopper, this is what it’d look like right here.”

Criss Angel says he will be developing an illusion utilizing the new bike to be seen in this season’s shows.

Read the full Robin Leach coverage here:  “Criss Angel conjures motorcycles as Mindfreak kicks off in Big Bear” by Robin Leach: Luxe Life | Vegas Deluxe.

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