Nathan Kranzo Hit in UK

Nathan Kranzo - international star

We are proud of Nathan Kranzo We discovered him when we were a nobody. Yes, he was already well known and famous but were and still are a struggling (psychologically) virtual rag on a gas powered server with a small staff and rapidly spreading staph infection.

Now, some 10 years after we first met Mr. Kranzo in Las Vegas only to learn his home is about 23 clicks from our town of Mystic Hollow, MI, he is an international star of multiple magic disciplines.

Ironically, we initially received shock therapy for Multiple Magic Discipline Disorder until it was dropped from the DSM (The Psychology Bible on diagnosis and treatment) and our insurance refused to pay for our visits.

We read with interest and caffeine and nicotine based attention that his trip to our former owners, England has been more than successful. (More than successful in that we presume he not only received adulation, great reviews, and new fans but was also likely paid for doing so).

This from the essential read, Magic Convention Guide:

Northern Magic Circle 2010 – Gala Show Nathan Kranzo hails from Michigan and is a super talented close-up performer and it became apparent a very funny stage guy too, damn him! He opened with a great Paper Heart restoration, transforming it to a Heart Balloon, incorporating a very funny squeaker gag. His Mindreading Crotch trick was an hilarious Named Card to Fly, and finally Nathan closed his set with a Borrowed Ring to Lemon.


If there is one thing we know, it is that we have very limited knowledge about things. We tend to see things as perfected with little need or room for improvement. Hence our Ill-fated investment in the long-forgotten soft drink 6-UP.

Mr. Kranzo is costantly upping the stakes with improvements on his already perfect inventions.

We say, Bully for Him. Check out his blog and store at:

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