Sad News – John Booth Passes

We just received the very sad news from Alan Watson.  He sent a bulletin note from John and Tammy Calvert:

We just heard from Norm Nielsen that John Booth passed away last Wednesday.

In January when we were in California, Bill McIlhany and his wife drove us to see John and his daughter. We met Dr Ragatz there and we all went out for lunch. John ate well and he even had a desert, somebody said he loved deserts. He was in very high spirits that day.

John Booth and John Calvert has been friends for many many years. They are both Leos and John Booth is one year younger than John Calvert. Their birthdays are within a few days apart.

John Booth was a prolific writer of magic and travelled the world making documentaries on film.

He wrote, “John Calvert has reached the mountain tops of existence and has opened windows through which we can peer.” John Booth.

Thank you John for all you have done for the magic fraternity. Rest in peace. We love you.

John Booth was more than a world-traveler and outstanding magician. His columns monthly in The Linking Ring were a must read for us.

Through his essays and reflection, he brought to life the legends of magic and the golden age of our profession.

He will be missed terribly.

IBM President Maria Ibanez also sent out the news of Mr. Booth’s passing.  She wrote that there are no details yet available for funeral or memorial services. 

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