Paul Daniels Health Scare

Paul Daniels reported on a recent heart scare through his always interesting blog. (  The Sun of UK picked it up and ran with the story.  That makes us the second news organization to share Mr. Daniels’ account of the incident in his own, humorous way.

We are glad to hear he is alright.  We were also amazed to read that he is 71.  He seems to have more energy and passion for the art than folks half his age.

The festivities went on and all was well, until yesterday morning that is, when I awoke at about 6.30am to find that I had a pain in my chest.

You read about these things of course, so the first thought was ‘Is this what a heart attack feels like?’ I guess you don’t know unless you’ve had one.

I waited until 8am before calling the local surgery who said they could fit me in about 10.30am. I thought that might be a bit too late, because, being a man, I already knew I was at death’s door, so they changed it to 8.50am.

I snuck out of the house and went to see the doctor.

After some questions I was put into the nurse’s room for the same questions and tests and suddenly I am in the back of an ambulance.

I must say that the doctor, the nurse and the ambulance crew were all brilliant and I was in the Royal Berkshire in no time at all.

By now Debbie had joined me and sat watching it all happening.

By now of course I was bored so I started to create comic answers to the questions and Debbie kept on ruining that by telling them the truth. I was connected up to loads of gadgets and now I knew it was really serious because I know how painful it is to pull them damn sticky pads off again.

Blood tests, ECGs, pills, needles went on and on.

They scanned my heart and showed me the scan pictures. Ah . . . it wasn’t a heart attack . . . I was pregnant, well, that’s what it looked like.

It turned out my heart is slightly enlarged. Big Hearted Daniels that’s me, and now they want me to have my arteries checked to see if there is any blocking because the scan doesn’t show that stuff.

They have told me that they will give me a local anaesthetic to check for angina because they are still not sure whether it is a heart problem or the coq au vin from the night before.

The good news is that I didn’t have a heart attack. Lucky me.

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