Not Good: Pendragon Arrested Again and Fails to Appear

jonathan pendragon booking photoTMZ is reporting magician Jonathan Pendragon failed to appear for his “arraignment on weapons charges” last Thursday in Ventura County, California.

Thursday’s hearing was likely not an “arraignment” as reported by TMZ but a pre-preliminary hearing for charges arising out of a July 8, 2009 domestic abuse incident.

Press reports from earlier last week indicated Mr. Pendragon recently pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon, making terrorist threats, dislodging a firearm in an inhabited dwelling and spousal abuse.  See,  The Times Press Recorder article of August 4th.

Mr. Pendragon was being held “in medical facility on a mandatory hold,” following his second arrest in thirty days.

Last Sunday, Mr. Pendragon was arrested by Ventura County Sheriff’s for breaking into the family’s home and violating a restraining order entered for the protection of his wife, Charlotte Pendragon.

This is a very sad story from all perspectives.

According to TMZ,  “Mr. Pendragon was in his full performance costume, threatening to kill himself. He was placed on a 5150 hold at a medical facility in Ventura County.”

TMZ is presumably referring to California’s Welfare and Institutions Section 5150 — similar to a Baker Act procedure – whereby a law enforcement officer can have a subject detained for up to 72 hours for medical and psychological evaluation.

We believe 5150 may only be used by a law enforcement officer or similar governmental representative.  In other words, neither Charlotte or Johnathan could have requested such a hold.

This extraordinary power may only be used by an officer when there is probable cause that the subject presents either danger to self or others plus symptoms of some mental disorder or mental illness.

Mr. Pendragon’s failure to attend the hearing on the weapon’s offense would likely be excused by his detention but the underlying offenses of breaking and entering and violation of a restraining order would be additional charges.

Our prayers are with Charlotte and Jonathan for a peaceful and positive outcome to this very tragic circumstance.

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