Doc Eason: The Best Advice Bob Sheets Provided

Doc EasonThe Aspen Times profiled Inside Magic Favorite Doc Eason this weekend.

The article traces incredible story and his involvement in Aspen’s increasingly important role in the world of magic.

In what he described as a life-changing event, Mr. Eason tells how he came to see “California buddies who had just convinced John Denver — flush with the success of “Rocky Mountain High” — to invest in a bar and restaurant, the Tower, that featured performances of magic. He headed straight to the Tower, saw Bob Sheets, the Tower’s first magician-in-residence, perform his act, and decided to try his hand at sleight of hand.”

He felt at home with Bob Sheets. His performances from behind the bar “created an atmosphere of congeniality that translated into a sound that was magic to Eason’s ears.”

Mr. Eason worked the Tower Bar for more than 27 years (about 14,000 shows). His venue may have changed after the bar closed in 2004 – he now performs trade shows, corporate functions, and lectures.

Read the full article over at The Aspen Times’ web site to learn the best advice Bob Sheets ever gave Doc Eason. It is excellent advice for all of us.

And be sure to check out Doc Eason’s web site at

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