Ectospasms: The Fox Sisters in Dance

The Lola Lola Dance Theatre will debut their multi-media dance theatre piece, Ectospasms, as part of the New York International Fringe Festival scheduled for August 14th – 23rd.

Ectospasms is a play on the term coined by spiritualists for a substance allegedly produced by the disembodied, Ectoplasm.

As repulsed as we are by ectoplasm, we are just as attracted to all things related in any way to The Fox Sisters.

In fact, you can read both Houdini’s account of The Fox Sisters and Maggie Fox confession in our Inside Magic Library for free.

Ironically, Maggie, Katie and Leah never produced ectoplasm in their seances.  Like another innovator, Vanilla Ice, they were all about the rapping.  (Although Katie did perform some full-body materialzations later in her career).

We are trying to finagle a way to see the Lola Lola Dance Theatre’s performance.

The teasingly short glimpses of their rehersals shown on YouTube have us hooked.  We don’t know Bob Fosse from Boo-Boo Bear, but we know what we like and the Lola Lola Dance Theatre expression of the sisters’ internal conflict looks dead-on.

The dance is choreographed and directed by Jessica Bonenfant and written by Dr. Edmund B. Lingan – the Founder and Director of The Institute for the Study of Performance and Spirituality.  The theatre’s web site gives a link for the Institute but we weren’t able to hack past the login screen.

Your luck or hacking skills may be better.

The show will be seen in The Robert Moss Theater (Venue Number 6 on the Fringe Map).  Tickets are $15.00 and the show runs about an hour and a quarter.

For more information on the Fringe and a schedule, check out

Make sure you visit The Lola Lola Dance Theatre for details on their premiere of Ectospasms, and other pieces.  You can find the theatre at:

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