Andrew Warner: Magic, No Sleep for 12 Days

Andrew WarnerThe Other Paper reports Columbus, Ohio Magician Andrew Warner wants to perform lots of magic.

He is looking to break the world record by performing for twelve days in a row.

Mr. Warner told the reporter that “[l]iving in the Midwest, you don’t really get a lot of magic.”

He does his best to make up for the dearth of magic by performing around Columbus at private parties, bars and eateries.

If he is successful in performing for almost two weeks, he will lift the average number of tricks performed per day dramatically.

Mr. Warner is just 26-years-old and perhaps is hoping to use his youthful energy and endurance to go the distance.

He is in training now for the start of his attempt currently set for September 22nd.

The young magician told the paper the will have only the bare essentials with him for the 12 days.  Specifically, Mr. Warner will rely on “a ping-pong table, a portable toilet, some raw foods and a Wii—maybe a Playstation.”

His attempt will happen in the parking lot of an establishment called “Liquid.”

The article describes Liquid as a “recently opened girl bar that replaced Little Brother’s.”

We have no idea what that means.

Apparently it will be the right kind of audience for 12 days straight of magic, magic, and more magic.  “The crowd is very mixed, and the whole vibe is eclectic,” Mr. Warner said.  “I think the people there, and in the Short North, will be able to appreciate the art.”

The paper reports that the record for staying awake is 266 hours; currently held by UK insomniac Tony Wright.

While staying awake that long may not be skirting the edge of death, it can make you irritable and a “real jerk.”

“There are increased negative emotional reactions to events,” a medical doctor told the paper. “There are increased amounts of tension, depression and anxiety.”

We’re afraid this sounds more like a David Blaine stunt than say a David Copperfield or Criss Angel performance.  In other words, little magic lots of apparent struggle and mental pain.

Mr. Warner does say he will perform “a few card tricks” but mostly “the stunt will simply involve a guy staying awake for way longer than is healthy.”

Check out the full article in The Other Paper: Round-the-clock magic.

Visit Mr. Warner’s web site here.

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