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Peter Reveen Featured

The Times and Transcript (CA) has a wonderful profile of an amazing performer, producer, and inspiration, Peter Reveen.

The profile traces Peter “The Impossibilist” Reveen from his early beginnings in the circus sideshows of Australia to his current home in and about Las Vegas as part of Lance Burton’s long-running show.

The paper included the feature in advance of Mr. Reveen’s scheduled run at Moncton’s Capitol Theatre October 26 and 27th.

What’s the secret to his success?  Peter Reveen says there is one golden rule that has carried him through a career in show business that has spanned nearly half a century.

“Keep the show clean. You won’t have people coming back if you keep throwing filth at them. We’ve always followed that rule and its never let us down.”

As hard as it is to believe, Mr. Reveen is 74 years-old.

He is in good health but needs his rest to keep up with the physical and mental demands of performing his legendary hypnosis show. Although the show has changed many times over the years, the premise remains basically the same.

Through the performance, Reveen brings volunteers from the audience to the stage, gives them a quick test and quickly evaluates their hidden talents. He then hypnotizes them and allows them to search for their own inner hidden talents. It’s a scenario he has played out thousands of times over the last 50 years in theatres all over the world, often with some surprising results.

Mr. Reveen easily resists the tendency of many stage hypnotists by always maintained a sense of dignity to the show, never asking the people to do anything lewd or “filthy,” unlike some other hypnotists who play to the darker side for a quick laugh.

“We don’t make fools of people.”

Check out the full article for a great review of Mr. Reveen’s formative years in Melbourne, Australia.  Whilst his dad was fighting in World War II, relatives brought him to vaudeville shows to see magicians, comedians, singers and other performers.

He loved watching the techniques performers used to “lure in the crowds, make their entrance and keep the people interested.”

That interest, obsession, eventually brought him to Canada with less than a dollar to his name.  Through his dedication to the craft and his maxim, Mr. Reveen became a star in his own right.  Read the article, however, to learn why he has an aversion to the title “star.”

Mr. Reveen’s abilities and philosophy have enhanced the success of Inside Magic Favorite Lance Burton.  He describes himself as “settled into the lifestyle of Las Vegas.”

A great and well-deserved profile of one our art’s best.

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