Mentalist’s Death Ruled Accidental

Jason Scott's Death Ruled Accidental

He was one of the original ten contestants on NBC’s Phenomenon “reality” show last year.

He performed for A-List Clients such as Steven Spielberg and Sting.  In July, Jason Scott Ogilvie better known as Jason Scott died in his Summerlin, Nevada home.

The young man’s cause of death was a mystery for months until Clark County Coroner’s Office ruled it was an accident caused by the mixing of OxyContin and alcohol.

Mr. Scott’s mother, Peggy Santana of Redding, Calif., spoke with Norm Clarke of The Las Vegas Review-Journal about the Coroner’s report and the events leading up to her son’s passing.

He had been ill after returning from a gig in Boston and joined his girlfriend for drinks the night he died.

He had about 10 beers and two pain pills, which were prescribed, his mother said. The coroner’s report found Scott had very low sodium in his system, a sign of dehydration.

“You just can’t mix alcohol and prescribed medication, especially if you are sick,” said Santana, a registered nurse. “This is just about the saddest thing I’ve ever dealt with. It’s so senseless.

“I bought him a magic kit for a Christmas present when he was 6. I don’t think he’s had another job (other than magic). He would never give in. It’s what he wanted to do.”

Mr. Scott’s success seemed almost guaranteed.  The Review-Journal notes the young performer left “a regular gig with the House of Blues to perform at the Playboy Club.”

His last performance was at a private party for Sting.

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