Up-Close with David Copperfield

It is impossible to not read further after Lisa Bettany’s introduction:

I really wished I hadn’t sat in the front row at David Copperfield’s “An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion” at the Vancouver Centre for Performing Arts.

Hard to believe anyone would balk at choice seats to David Copperfield’s show.  Perhaps, some would be concerned they would become a magician-bait; the likely choice for “volunteer” or “assistant” status.

But Lisa Bettany’s reluctance came from her desire to remain in a state of disbelief.

Lisa notes that her perspective on the show would have been decidedly different just a few rows back.

She is certain a seat just a bit further from the stage would have kept her from seeing “the wires that controlled the singing and dancing tie, or the slightly concave bottom of the magical ‘shrinking table,’ or the girl that appeared and disappeared in the ‘reserved’ seat next to me wearing three different outfits, or Copperfield’s caked-on makeup and spray-on hair.”

Ouch. That was a low blow.

Despite the “low blow,” Lisa is a fan.

There were great moments, too. He is an incredibly skilful showman, and irritatingly charismatic, even when he made a poor girl shove her hand down his pants to make sure there was nothing in his pocket — not once, but twice. Charming.

Her vantage point did not expose all of the magic, however.  Lisa tells readers of The Province (CA) most of the illusions remain a mystery.

Readers can check out Lisa’s video blog of her evening with David Copperfield through The Province’s site.

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