Anchorage Teen Wows Em in Vegas

The Anchorage Daily News writes with great pride of Eric Giliam in today’s edition.  

Mr. Giliam admits he was more than a little nervous as he took the stage to compete in the Lance Burton Teenage Stage Competition.  

"Performing magic requires a certain
meditative spirit — the focus, form and fluidity to make showmanship
and illusion look easy despite one’s thundering heart.

"In April, West High School senior Eric Giliam of Anchorage proved his
cool at the Lance Burton Teenage Stage Competition at the World Magic
Seminar in Las Vegas, not only making the finals but also winning the
Siegfried and Roy talent award for the most creative and original stage
act with a prize of $500."

Mr. Giliam told reporters of his new found technique for keeping the butterflies in their place.

morning of the show was crazy because I was so nervous," he said weeks
later, "and before I went out onstage my heart was racing so fast, all
I was doing was taking deep breaths."

He enjoyed winning but also the chance to hang with some of the big names in our business.  He told the paper it was "the time of his life" to meet with Master Magician Lance Burton and Siegfried and Roy. 

Mr. Giliam is planning for next-year’s competition as you read this. 


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