Was Criss Angel Busted in Botched Escape?

Inside Magic News: Fox Helicopter Footage of Criss Angel EscapeWith admonitions to readers that its analysis may expose Criss Angel, a Spokane, Washington television station released footage of Criss Angel’s spectacular escape from an imploding building in Clearwater, Florida.

Inside Magic does not expose nor condone exposure and so has no comment on the validity of Fox Television’s analysis.

Still, Inside Magic loves a good story and really loves a good story with cool video.  So we suggest you check it out for yourself.  The footage comes from a news helicopter and the analysis pits the official Mind Freak video with the news tape.

The footage — especially the scene in question involving a baseball cap among debris — makes us long for the days of the Zapruder film analysis from the JFK investigation.  It is hard to believe we have come so far in technology but still have difficulty interpreting motion pictures.

The station makes an interesting observation about the sudden
appearance of static or snow on the closed-circuit feed.  The
closed-circuit cameras apparently showed static the very moment the
building began to implode.  The station’s expert in such things says a
camera that is destroyed by an implosion does not broadcast static or
snow.  It just stops broadcasting.


Many will
recall David Copperfield’s famous escape from a safe within an
imploding building.  The static or snow appeared on those
closed-circuit cameras as well.  Our guess is that the cameras did not
broadcast snow or static.  Rather, their feed was interrupted by the
demolition and the video shows the absence of a feed and that looks
like static.

Look very closely at the footage shown by the
Spokane station and tell us if you do not see one of David
Copperfield’s lawyers just to the right of the rubble.  He is
apparently holding some sort of summons or civil complaint for theft of
intellectual property.  Neither the network or helicopter feed show
whether Mr. Angel was actually served with the complaint upon his
successful completion of the escape.

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