The “Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne” Show

The world of magic is drenched in illusions and there are plenty of magicians who claim the main goal of using magic tricks is to grow at a personal level. There are plenty of other magicians all across the world who see it as a unique experience of expressing rituals and symbols, or as the result of a wonderful type of universal sympathy where the creation f a person can influence a different place somewhere in the universe. Some claim they are able to collaborate with spirits and hence they can explain the effects they are able to cause. No matter if you are a novice in the field, you are an experienced magician or you are a simple viewer and declared fan of magicians, one thing is for sure: we are all here because of the things we feel when experiencing magic at any level and we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

The Andrew Mayne Show


If you haven’t noticed by now, there are some particular magic tricks are not exactly suited for television broadcasting. And magic tricks that involve the use of card decks are some of these tricks. Close range viewers are usually the happiest of participants, and televised tricks revolving around cards are not exactly that spectacular to watch. You normally need to put your faith into the eyes of the close range witnesses in the TV studio and believe something magic did happen there, which did not imply the use of a camera for easy manipulation. Andrew Mayne is an illusionist who struggled to go over these issues. In his new A&E series, “Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne”, he manages to make full use of the old-school concept of likability and create an amazing degree of credibility. The humor that characterizes his Monday night program is turning many TVs on at the time of his show, and entertainment is at its best.    

Andrew Mayne Knows How To Choose His Tricks


Mayne illusionist is revolving his show on constantly impressing and, why not, punking bystanders who have no idea what’s coming to them. He uses his charming sweet tricks – small ones, nothing too big – and he manages to create the coolest illusions everyone likes so much. You might see him in one of those restaurants that has indoor and also outdoor tables, appearing to be reaching through solid glass while he is sitting on his chair inside the restaurant, trying to grab items that are sitting on the tables of the people sitting at tables outside the same restaurants. You will also often times see Andrew Mayne reaching out to wallets in people’s pockets – but without them even realizing it. And one of his most fascinating numbers is the one where he magically places driver’s licenses inside emergency boxes that are completely sealed.

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