Kevin Spencer Walks Thru Walls and More

The Snohomish County News edition of The Seattle Times has a great article about some great folks in our great biz.  

Kevin and Cindy Spencer  bring their Theatre of Illusion show to the beautifully appointed Northshore Performing Arts Center in Bothell, Washington.

Bothell is just a Ring-Flite’s length from Seattle.

We are often asked, "How did you get in here?" or "When did you last bathe?"  

Almost as frequently we are asked, "What makes Kevin and Cindy’s show so special?"

Kevin Spencer answered the question for all of us in today’s article. 

About three years ago, magician Kevin Spencer was asked by his staff of illusion-makers, How would you like to walk through a wall?
"Gosh, how do you turn that down?" said Spencer.
"In 1914, Houdini walked through a brick wall on the stages of Broadway," he said. "He only performed it a few times, and then after closing on Broadway he never did it again."

Many younger magicians may think the Walking Through a Brick Wall trick is just another store-bought item available on the internets or through their local dealer.  Perhaps there is even a knock-off version of the trick also available on the seedier sites in the internets or at the morally challenged dealers.


But those younger magicians would be wrong.  It turns out, Houdini’s Walking Through a Brick Wall illusion is not publicly available.  Its method is secret and the performance requires skill, timing, and bravado. 

Sure, to those who like to learn the secrets to magic by watching
YouTube or MetaCafe, this does not seem fair.  Why should the developer
of a magic trick have the right to keep it secret?  Why shouldn’t
everyone be able to buy the secret — even if they’ll never use it —
and then place it on the web to encourage others to support their magic
secret buying habit through pennies derived from advertising

Life, like the opposite of a carnival, is un-fair.  

Kevin Spencer described some elements needed to bring to life Walking through a Brick Wall.

"Music, movement, scenery and dramatic lighting wrap around a series
of stage illusions. It took almost two years to get from idea to paper
to props being built to months of rehearsing to make walking through a
wall look easy."

"The couple now mark their 20th year of performing around the world
and are on the road 10 months out of the year. ‘We have reached a place
where we’re well-respected and can work with creative minds,’ Spencer
said. ‘Unless you’ve seen us perform live before, you’ve probably never
seen some of these illusions before.’"

Do take the opportunity to see Kevin and Cindy Spencer when they
come near your locale.  Their show, their web site, and their DVDs
define quality and originality.  

Check out their web site here:



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