Make Magazine Teaches DIY Trick Making

We read Make Magazine four times a year.

That is how often this gem of a journal is distributed.  It is a long wait between editions.  It seems like we have to wait about three months for a new issue of the quarterly publication.

We like Make Magazine because it makes us feel much less alone than normal.  Until Make Magazine came along, we didn’t know other people were obsessed with disassembling and rebuilding things.  We assumed — probably because our guidence counselor said it was true — we were just destructive. 

Make Magazine gave us the courage shared by members of any crowd, or mob.  We now admit freely that a trip to the hardware store, or to one of those craft barns is really an expedition for something new to be destroyed and rebuilt as a magic trick.

This quarter’s issue in on news stands now and gives detailed instructions for our similarly afflicted bretheren to build several very cool (and unfortunately also commercial) magic effects. 

They also have a couple of very neat ideas from Martin Gardner.

Check it out if destruction / construction is your thing. 

You can buy an issue at any major bookstore or at most enlightened news agents.  You can also subscribe on line here.

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