Escape Artist Nearly Doesn’t

Magic News: Escape Artist Daniel HuntScarborough Escape Artist Daniel Hunt barely escaped with his life during a recent performance for more than 3,500 in front of magicians at a festival in Blackpool, England.

The Scarborough (UK) Evening News reported on the close call

In the stunt, his own version of Houdin?s water torture cell, Mr Hunt was handcuffed with his hands secured at his waist.

He was then lowered head-first into a perspex box where his neck was held in place in place with two stocks, which his assistant Miss Claire secured with four padlocks.

The box then filled with water, leaving Mr Hunt with just a short amount of time to escape, but things did not go entirely according to plan and almost ended in tragedy for the former illusionist.

He said: ?We almost had an accident when I ended up being suspended upside down for longer than I should have been at the Blackpool Opera House in front of 3,500 magicians.


?The stage crew worked like maniacs to get it sorted. By the time we
got the power back my ears started to ring and I did not feel too good
at all.?

But despite the pleas of his friends, Mr Hunt was determined to put the
close shave behind him and repeated the stunt to open an exhibition in

And proving he hadn?t lost his touch, he was able to free himself in just two minutes.

Mr Hunt and his partner Annette Claire, 24, who go by the name
Amethyst, had rehearsed at Seamer Memorial Hall in the run-up to his
latest performance.


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