Misty Lee, Sylvester, Woody Pittman and White Heels

Misty Lee

One of the inviolate fashion rules we follow (hence "inviolate fashion rule") is to never wear white heels until after Memorial Day.

Actually, we rarely wear the white heels out in public anymore but occasionally we're asked to re-enact our famous USO Show Act and it is tough to say no.

(Actually, it is tough to say any word beginning with an "N" because of the stitches and temporary scaring. (Word to the wise: if you are going to do a bullet catch, make sure you don't wear heels during rehearsal and flats in the show)).

But don't get the wrong idea – we don't wear women's shoes on our feet. We use them as part of our so-far unsuccessful puppet act The Sole Brothers. We just wanted to make sure you didn't think we were some kind of freak who wears white heels before Memorial Day.

We're beginning to think our counselor is right, "Sometimes it's okay to keep a secret."

Maybe we shouldn't have told you what the counselor said.


Misty Lee and Sylvester are two of our favorite magicians. Ms. Lee has been kind to Quinlan's Inside Magic over the years in responding to our email inquiries and never following through on her playful threats to enforce that pesky restraining order against us.

As most know, we are shallow. You could break your neck diving into
our intellectual depth but fortunately we're also dry so you wouldn't
drown. So we were attracted to both Sylvester the Jester and Misty Lee
for the most pedestrian of reasons – one was very beautiful and the
other made funny cartoon-like noises.

(Ms. Lee is the beautiful one, by the way. We've seen Sylvester
close-up and he really didn't look as pretty as Ms. Lee — maybe it's
his choice of fabrics or colors).

But both magicians are more than what first attracts. Sylvester is
an accomplished magician who demonstrated his considerable manipulative
skills during a Glass City Conclave close-up show. He's naturally
funny, engaging, and knows how to work the crowd.

Ms. Lee is an accomplished and consequently always busy illusionist
and entertainer. She has the skills you would expect from a top-line
performer but she also has a special charm and confidence that
separates her from others.

We've seen plenty of folks who have big box illusions or perform
expensive escapes. We've watched beautiful people (men and women) who
perform shows with fancy equipment. We haven't enjoyed many of either.

The cost of the illusion, the physical attractiveness of the
performer, the number of assistants, the value of the sound system are
not correlative factors in our enjoyment calculation. (E = (S + P) – 1/
(T + Pk + Ns+n) where E = enjoyment, S = skill, P = presentation, T = ticket price (can be zero), Pk = cost of parking, Ns+n = fellow patron's noise or smell).

Ms. Lee's show has been widely praised because she possesses the skill and showmanship to entertain as a magician.

So we were excited to receive an email tip that Ms. Lee, Sylvester
and Woody Pittman will be together on one stage this Memorial Day! (Now
the white heels reference seems relevant – although still odd).

The show will be in the beautiful Colony Theatre in Burbank, California and a portion of the ticket price will be donated to charity.

We have not seen Woody Pittman perform but we know of his incredible
talent. He seems to be a regular at The Magic Castle, has a fantastic
web site, and has a loyal following.

Check out the show:

Friday, May 26th at 8PM

Saturday, May 27th at 8PM

Sunday, May 28th at 2PM

Tickets are only $15.00.

A recent check of the on-line box office indicates the seats are going quickly. Visit the box office on-line here.

Visit Ms. Lee's incredibly well-done web site at http://www.mistylee.com.

You can see the colorful and perfectly programmed Sylvester web site at: http://www.sylvesterthejester.com/

Woody Pittman has a great web site with silent films, new effects for sale, and general information. You can visit him here: http://www.woodypittman.com/

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