Billy McComb Passes

Billy McComb and Steve DacriWe heard the very sad news of Billy McComb's passing from Steve Dacri, through Jack Straw.

From: "Steve Dacri"


Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 18:03:36 -0700

So sad to type these horrible words, but dearest Billy McComb has left us,
less than an hour ago.

He went peacefully. He is already deeply missed.

A huge hole in my heart (and Jan's), he meant so much to so many of us. End
of an era and all like that. There will never ever be another Billy.

– Steve

Mr. Straw correctly observes:

The Rule of Threes: 2006, and Elmsley, Pollock and McComb……..all
three magicians shared a common denominator: Great!

I would like to share a message from Steve Dacri regarding the late-great
Billy McComb. Billy, you will be greatly missed!

We thought the world of Mr. McComb. He was a triple threat: wonderful
to watch on Stage or Close-Up, a joy to learn from in Lectures, and a
great person with whom to enjoy a drink.

The world of magic is diminished by his passing. It is sad to think
younger magicians will never have a chance to see Mr. McComb perform

But from our perspective, the sadness is more pronounced for those who
have seen Mr. McComb work and will never again have that opportunity.
Unlike the younger magicians, we know very well what we are missing.

Please check out Mr. Dacri's website
for more information about Billy McComb's career.   The image above is
from Mr. Dacri's web site and show him with Mr. McComb.

Our prayers are with Mr. McComb's family and friends.

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