Copperfield “Magics” His Way from Robbery

Scared Woman

David Copperfield makes news but the hard way.

Various news sources have are reporting the details of Mr. Copperfield's
encounter with crooks last night.  The Following is from E-Online: 

"Despite being possessed of a 'large amount of cash,' the illusionist
showed nothing but empty pockets to armed gunmen who targeted him and two female
companions Sunday night in West Palm Beach, Florida, police said.

"In the Palm Beach Post, Copperfield called his sleight of hand bit 'reverse

"Nifty or no, authorities recommend that viewers shouldn't try Copperfield's
stunt at home.

"'Usually, the protocol is to give 'em what you got, and not play
games with them,' West Palm Beach Police spokesman Ted White said Wednesday.

"Copperfield's companions, meanwhile, did as told. The women, identified in
the Post as the entertainer's assistants, handed over cash (both U.S. dollars
and Euros), keys, plane tickets, a cell phone and a passport, the police report
said. The 911 emergency call placed by Cathy Daly, one of the assistants,
indicated the purloined passport belonged to Copperfield.

"No one was injured in the incident, which occurred about 11:30 p.m. Sunday
near Kravis Center, where Copperfield had played six shows over the weekend.

"Copperfield and the women were walking when four young men, two of them
wielding guns, jumped out of a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu and confronted the group,
the police report said.

"'I had a gun pointed at my head from six inches away,'" Copperfield said in
the Post.

"An 18-year-old man and three unidentified teenage boys were arrested for the
shakedown within minutes. All were booked on suspicion of armed robbery. It was
believed the four remained in custody Wednesday.

"Copperfield, 49, and referred to exclusively in the police report as David
Kotkin, his given name, has not missed a tour date since the unscripted drama.
He is scheduled to take the stage Wednesday night in Orlando.

"Arguably best known for making the Statue of Liberty disappear, at least for
the purposes of a TV special, Copperfield is also noted for making fiancée
Claudia Schiffer disappear. (The magician and the model ended their lengthy
engagement in 1999.)"

We know the area in which Mr. Copperfield
was robbed — it is right next to our now-condemned high school — we're
surprised Mr. Copperfield made out as well as he did.

A larger question, though, is why he would be walking in that area at night.
But he is a mysterious and magical man. We are so very happy all made it through
without injury.

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