FMQB: Criss Angel and Godsmack Collaborate

criss_angel_new_songIndustry insider Friday Morning Quarterback Album Report ("FMQB") reports Criss Angel and the lead singer of Godsmack, Sully Erna, are working on a new theme song for his A&E Series Mindfreak.  

The pair are reworking the song for Angel's forthcoming album.

"The theme song was more electronic, more Ministry, and Criss wanted to make it more power and rock," Erna told

Erna also will make an appearance on Mindfreak during the new season, which debuts May 31."



We'll see if we can get a sample/demo of the song before it hits the stores.  We'll do it legally, of course. 

Don't send us links to scarfed MP3's.  

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