Chris Cochrane on the Mend

Chris CochraneWe are delighted to pass along the good word on the long but steady progress of Chris Cochrane.  You may recall Mr. Cochrane – organizer of the Houdini Days Festival in Appleton , Wisconsin – was seriously injured in an automobile accident on the last day of the last festival.  

Mr. Cochrane truly loves magic and is one of the great people in our business.  We continue to keep him and his family in our prayers.  

In an effort to keep in touch with the many friends that I have made through the Houdini Days Magic Festival, I thought I would send this "unsolicited" email. My recovery is going pretty well.  Progress is slowing and the pain level is still fairly intense…I eat Ibuprofen like Pez!  I'm still working very hard to improve to the point where I will not have to rely on my cane for mobility. 

Since I'm a glutton for punishment, my family (Beth, my 6-year old twins – William & Alexis, and my mother-in-law, Sharon) are going to Disney World next week.  We will be flying out of Wisconsin on Sunday, April 30th and returning on Friday, May 5th.

I thought it would be a good idea to increase the ratio of
adults to kids, so Sharon was generous to agree to help us out.  This
is the first flight since the hardware store was surgically implanted
into my legs.  I have my card ready to show at the metal detector that
explains my situation…we'll see how it goes.

Mike Schroeder (The Comedy Magic of Mike ) has a pretty exciting illusion planned for June
23rd.  In front of an audience of approximately 10,000 people, Mike
will make a Hummer appear out of thin air!  The Opening Ceremonies of
the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional Championships will be held at the
Timber Rattlers Stadium located just outside of Appleton, Wisconsin. 

the athletes have entered the Stadium, Mike will produce the Hummer in
the outfield – not an ideal location for an illusion.  The Hummer will
then immediately be driven to home plate by the keynote speaker who
will then address the audience.  With the planned music and
pyrotechnics, this should prove to be a very exciting illusion.  As
Mike's Business Manager, I am working "behind the scenes" to help make
the effect spectacular. 

Due to the enormous size of a Hummer,
we have enlisted some additional assistance in the "mechanical"
component of the illusion.  I'm very proud of Mike's accomplishments
and am looking forward to his evolution in his magical career.

After over six months off of work last year due to my accident, I have
refocused on my career as a Financial Advisor at Smith Barney.  My
partner Donnie (the guy with the Firetruck) is very happy to see me
back full-time. 

Since I bought my first mutual fund when I was
eleven, I have been fascinated by the financial markets.  My dad
couldn't believe that I wanted to invest in a mutual fund rather than
buy a bike or something more "normal" for a kid.  I've never been
labeled "normal"!  I take great pride in assisting our clients in
achieving their financial goals. 

When you have worked with
someone for more than a decade with the goal of putting their child
through college or in helping them accumulate the necessary assets to
live the retirement lifestyle desired, it is a great feeling when the
goals are achieved. 

I become very good friends with our
clients and in a sense, become one of the family.  It is a great
profession and one that I am excited to get to the office each morning
to tackle the challenges of the day!

It is very easy for us all to become swamped with our personal lives and lose touch with our friends.  Please keep in touch!

Have a great summer!


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