Young Joe Harper Wins Trophies, Praise from Paul Daniels

Joe HarperJoe Harper may be just 14 years-old but he has already racked up more
accolades and awards than your average internet magic journalist. That isn't
saying much for the young man but that is a function of our limited comparison.
Paul Daniels has complimented Mr. Harper and that takes him out of our realm by
6 x 1023 degrees of ability.

His story appears in Driffield

Mr. Harper and his father worked to assemble, rehearse, and polish a
competition act in time for the Northern Magic Circle's Easter Parade. The young
man developed the ten minute routine with five effects, timed script, and

Mr. Harper enjoys magic as well as the friends of his local magic
organization, The Hull Magicians Club. He joined in 2004 and has come a long way

"The best thing about doing magic is the look on people's faces.
People from school who I don't even know come up to me now and ask me to do
tricks for them.

Paul Daniels was present during the contest and even met with Mr. Harper
afterwards to encourage him.

Driffield School student Joe, of The Mount, said: "It was brilliant. It was a
small convention so we got to meet everybody and Paul Daniels was really

Despite the hours of rehearsal, Joe was not very confident before taking to
the stage on Sunday night.

He was one of seven youngsters from right across the country taking part.

"There were some lads there that were older, a couple had even won it
before," said David.

"So Joe was pretty nervous beforehand, but he did really well once he was up

"He more or less stuck to the script we had prepared, but he also threw in a
few funny ad libs which went down well with the audience," he

Mr. Harper will perform in a competition at the Hull Club in June. He told
reporter "I wouldn't really like to say if I will win it but I hope so."

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