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Magicians Find Making It in Vegas a Tough Trick

Inside Magic Image of its Temporary HomeLas Vegas magicians do not have it easy. We read recently of their struggle to not only make it to the strip but to stay long enough to get on a billboard or two. Schadenfreude , or the delight in the misfortune of others, is an emotion we loathe and consequently eschew with a fervor.

(Actually, we don’t have a position on schadenfreude. But had a bet with a woman we met at a McDonalds that we could use the words “schadenfreude ,” “loathe,” “eschew” and “fervor” in one sentence. Look who’s taking home the complimentary Big Angus with Cheese, Miss “I-Have-to-Work-the –Drive-Thru-Cuz-the-Manager-Confused-My-Botched-Tattoo-with-a-Positive-TB-Test”!)

David Copperfield agrees with Carrot Top, Nathan Burton, Terry Fator and Barry Manilow: Vegas is a tough nut to crack and once cracked, tough to eat the pieces of or live in – assuming one could live in a nut, cracked or not. Sorry, the metaphor voices took over again and because we are typing this on an Olivetti Lettera 22® typewriter in the backseat (or “bedroom”) of our 1978 Volkswagen Fastback (or “mobile home till things get straightened out at home”), and we have no white out (or “Wite-Out”) we are unable to correct our copy as easily as one would if one were using a computer or even a more up-to-date IBM Tech III Ribbon® with IBM Tech III Cover·up Tape®.

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