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Criss Angel Undergoes Surgery

Inside Magic Image of Criss AngelCriss Angel is recovering from three hours of surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff and bicep.  He injured these essential body parts whilst performing his televised double-straight jacket escape for Spike TV.  It was a pretty spectacular escape and we’re guessing being laden with heavy iron weights contributed to the very painful torn appendages.

The Las Vegas Sun has a black-and-white photo of Criss Angel recovering in the hospital.  We thought it was a downer and since Krystyn Lambert is mentioned in this post, we thought it better to include her picture.  Plus, we didn’t have the right to copy the newspaper’s image.

We got a pretty painful cut practicing the Gypsy Thread once.  We thought we might need a bandage but there wasn’t any blood but later when we were fishing old – but still juice-containing – lemons out of our neighbor’s trash bin, the juice hurt badly.  So, we know how performing magic can sometimes be painful.  We never wrote about it because we didn’t want the world to have pity party for us.  We’re pretty much macho and rarely allow our sensitive side show.  That’s how we roll.

Robin Leach says Mr. Angel is doing well and resting following the surgery.  His surgeon is apparently one of the best.  His credits/patients include NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

Why did he do the surgery and not just push through the pain?

“It was undergo surgery or stop performing,” he told Mr. Leach.  We think he chose the right option.

While Mr. Angel is recuperating, Believe will be on hiatus.  (That’s a real word and a clean one too.  We looked it up).  He will return in April and until then he will be working on his new show, Magic Jamz.

He will playing the part of emcee for several of his friends and co-stars of his television series.  Slated to appear are Banachek, Nathan Burton and the lovely Krystyn Lambert. (Banacheck and Nathan Burton are probably lovely as well but not in the same way Krystyn is – at least not to us). Not a shabby line-up.  We will make the trek to Las Vegas to check out the new show during its limited run through the end of March and give you our full report.

Magicians Find Making It in Vegas a Tough Trick

Inside Magic Image of its Temporary HomeLas Vegas magicians do not have it easy. We read recently of their struggle to not only make it to the strip but to stay long enough to get on a billboard or two. Schadenfreude , or the delight in the misfortune of others, is an emotion we loathe and consequently eschew with a fervor.

(Actually, we don’t have a position on schadenfreude. But had a bet with a woman we met at a McDonalds that we could use the words “schadenfreude ,” “loathe,” “eschew” and “fervor” in one sentence. Look who’s taking home the complimentary Big Angus with Cheese, Miss “I-Have-to-Work-the –Drive-Thru-Cuz-the-Manager-Confused-My-Botched-Tattoo-with-a-Positive-TB-Test”!)

David Copperfield agrees with Carrot Top, Nathan Burton, Terry Fator and Barry Manilow: Vegas is a tough nut to crack and once cracked, tough to eat the pieces of or live in – assuming one could live in a nut, cracked or not. Sorry, the metaphor voices took over again and because we are typing this on an Olivetti Lettera 22® typewriter in the backseat (or “bedroom”) of our 1978 Volkswagen Fastback (or “mobile home till things get straightened out at home”), and we have no white out (or “Wite-Out”) we are unable to correct our copy as easily as one would if one were using a computer or even a more up-to-date IBM Tech III Ribbon® with IBM Tech III Cover·up Tape®.

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Nathan Burton Reality TV Move

Inside Magic Image of Nathan BurtonNathan Burton received a huge boost from his appearance on "America's Got Talent" and is now reportedly in talks with that show's producers for a new reality TV show.

We didn't expect the high-velocity magic star to sit still after he closed his show at the Vegas Flamingo last week. The Flamingo had been home to his unique (in a good way) approach to magic for almost half a decade. That is a lifetime in Vegas.

Mr. Burton took almost no time to set up shop at the Saxe Theater over at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort. David Saxe offers more than a great location for Mr. Burton's show. The theater's labor agreements allow for lower television production costs.

The reality show has the working title "Family Magic" and lets viewers watch Mr. Burton interact with his sister and mother.

Mr. Burton's relationship with David Saxe began about 20 years ago. His afternoon show began at Mr. Saxe's V Theater in 2006.