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Richie Magic Grosses Out Kids for Good

ash can fran and friendsNew York’s Newsday reports one of our brethren broke the world’s record for “orally extinguishing, chewing and expelling” a carton of cigarettes.

Who knew such a record existed? People never tell us anything.

The paper reports “Scarsdale magician Richie Magic says he’ll never smoke again after his attempt Saturday.”

Richie Magic chewed 200 cigs in six minutes and 3.7 seconds.

The magi was a smoker for “decades” before performing the feat at Rogue Magic and Fun Shop in Elmhurst, New York.

He had a profound effect on the kids who gathered to watch, or gawk.

“Kids told me it was so disgusting that they’d never smoke,” Richie Magic told the paper.

We note, however, that Hardy family lore describes the equally spectacular but under-reported achievement of cousin Francine Hardy, wife of Li’l Tom Hardy III. Aunt “Ash Can” Fran once consumed 421 cigarette and cigar butts found on the floor of the now closed Hialeah Race Course just outside of Miami, Florida.

Admittedly, many of the cigarettes were not fully lit at the time, but spectators believed Aunt Fran was.

Pure Magic Comes to New York

Eric DeCamps, in collaboration with Bob Fitch, brings his new show, Pure Magic – A Performance in Contemporary Conjuring to The Metropolitan Room every Sunday at 4pm beginning November 9th. The eight week holiday engagement runs through December 28th.

Broadway World reports:

“Mr. DeCamps was voted Magician of the Year by The Society of American Magicians, and is known for his ability to put a contemporary spin on close-up conjuring.  He will do that in spades in this intimate chamber magic show that evokes the ambiance of a 1940’s jazz club.”

Mr. DeCamps promises “conjuring at breathtakingly close quarters” featuring “several  rarely-seen sleight-of-hand effects.”

Mr. DeCamps’ show will pay tribute to René Levand the legendary Argentinean magician.  He also intends to perform The Spirit Box utilizing “an invention of Ira and William Davenport, the 19th century pioneers of Spiritualism, as its point of departure.”

Mr. DeCamps tribute to the great one-armed magician Mr. Levand performs the elder’s classic, Bread Crumbs.
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