Pure Magic Comes to New York

Eric DeCamps, in collaboration with Bob Fitch, brings his new show, Pure Magic – A Performance in Contemporary Conjuring to The Metropolitan Room every Sunday at 4pm beginning November 9th. The eight week holiday engagement runs through December 28th.

Broadway World reports:

“Mr. DeCamps was voted Magician of the Year by The Society of American Magicians, and is known for his ability to put a contemporary spin on close-up conjuring.  He will do that in spades in this intimate chamber magic show that evokes the ambiance of a 1940’s jazz club.”

Mr. DeCamps promises “conjuring at breathtakingly close quarters” featuring “several  rarely-seen sleight-of-hand effects.”

Mr. DeCamps’ show will pay tribute to René Levand the legendary Argentinean magician.  He also intends to perform The Spirit Box utilizing “an invention of Ira and William Davenport, the 19th century pioneers of Spiritualism, as its point of departure.”

Mr. DeCamps tribute to the great one-armed magician Mr. Levand performs the elder’s classic, Bread Crumbs.

“I met René many years ago, and he taught me his prized trick with a tea cup and some bread crumbs.  After I mastered it, I performed it for him and moved him to tears.  That night he granted me permission to perform his most cherished mystery. ”

Many who have seen The Spirit Box have sworn that they have witnessed the impossible.  “It gives you pause,” DeCamps claims.  “It’s especially gratifying when hardened skeptics admit that this may be their first brush with the supernatural.”

Mr. DeCamps is from the New York area and well-known for his regular performances at The Magic Towne House and Mostly Magic.

He made his mark in the magic world back in 1995 by winning The Gold Medal for Excellence for Close Up Magic from The Society of American Magicians. He is only the second magician in the 106-year history of this organization to receive this prestigious award.

The 75-minute show is directed by the MAC Award-winner Bob Fitch. Pure Magic plays every Sunday at 4pm starting Sunday November 9. The eight-week engagement runs through December 28.  The cover charge is $25. There is a two-drink minimum.

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