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Winter Magic Festival in Full Fete Mode

Steve DalyWith Magician Stars (and Inside Magic Faves) Murray SawChuck, Gazzo, Steve Daly, Michael Kent and Kevin Burke performing, this week’s Winter Magic Festival promises to be your best bang for your magic dollar.  Shows begin tonight at 7:00 pm (Thursday) at the Indy Fringe event in, coincidentally, Indianapolis, Indiana.

The performers bring their fantastic comedy and magic to the heartland for four days only.  There is no excuse if you live within the seven states and regions surrounding Indy and fail to attend.

Mr. SawChuck is more than a television and YouTube star, he is a great magician who pushes the limits with his boundless energy and able engagement of the audience.  We have seen him in Vegas and The Magic Castle and been astounded – that’s tough for us.  We don’t astound all that easily.  His credits include a Hollywood F.A.M.E. award for Career Achievement in The Magical Arts, the Best Comedy Variety Show of the Year from the Los Angeles Comedy Festival, and Comedy Show of the Year by the Fans Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Mr. Gazzo (we’re not sure if we should say “Mr. Gazzo” or “Gazzo” and so opt for the more formal over the casual term) does one of the very best Cups and Balls ever.  That is not an overstatement to encourage you to see him at the festival.  It is verifiably true and has been evaluated by NASA scientists.  When someone brings up the topic of Cups and Balls, we immediately think of Mr. Gazzo.  He is funny, disarming and works a crowd evidencing his years as a busker in the UK.  Teller said of him, “When you are watching Gazzo you feel like you are watching a show biz Legend.”  We cannot disagree and wouldn’t even if we could.  We’ve seen Mr. Gazzo many, many times and always walk away feeling inadequate with our cups and balls routine (note small caps to underscore our inadequacy) performed in the very same way we did when we were a 12-year-old demonstrating the $1.25 version of the effect in a mall that no longer exists.

Steve Daly (link to his YouTube Sizzle Reel) has been featured on Inside Magic many times and has more than 10,000 appearances in Las Vegas (Nevada).  His act is hilarious and Mr. Daly is one of our favorite people in our art.  He began on the streets of  San Francisco and moved to being one of the leads of Amusement Park Entertainment Companies where he helped design and performing in theme parks across the our big country (USA).   From there he moved to Vegas and was, in our opinion, the true star of the Magic Revue Show called “Showgirls of Magic.”

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Magician Michael Kent to Tour Navy Bases with New Show

Inside Magic Image of Michael KentInside Magic Image of Michael KentApril is the “Month of the Military Child” and Comedy Magician, Michael Kent, will be spending the month touring Naval Bases all over the world.

The tour, being promoted by Navy Entertainment, will bring Michael through Europe, Asia and the Middle East, where he will be performing in more than a dozen locations, entertaining Navy Personnel and their families with his comedy magic show.

This will mark the 3rd time Kent will go overseas to entertain the troops. In 2008, he traveled to the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., to entertain the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron. After that show, the Blue Angels gave Michael a V.I.P. ride in one of their aircraft during an air show in Ypsilanti, Michigan. In 2010, Kent spent 3 weeks entertain U.S. Army Soldiers in South Korea and in 2012, he traveled throughout Asia to spend Christmas and New Year’s with Navy Entertainment performing for U.S. Navy Personnel and their families.

In 2014, he completed an 80-city US College tour that earned him the titles of “Entertainer of the Year” and “Magician of the Year.” Kent says while those awards meant a lot to him, they don’t compare to being able to share his magic with the military and their families.

“As a civilian, its hard for me to imagine what it must be like living away from home for long periods of time. By giving me the opportunity to entertain servicemen and women around the world, Navy Entertainment is allowing me to feel like I’m doing my part while spreading joy and happiness to those who truly need it.”

Kent’s shows for the tour will consist of both shows for troops and for their children, an audience that is quite a departure from his usual all-adult college and corporate audiences. “Some of my friends have asked me if it’s going to be difficult for me to perform for children and families, but what they don’t understand is I perform at a dozen or so University Siblings Weekends every year where I have to appeal to little ones already, so I’m used to being able to perform a squeaky-clean family-friendly show.” Michael’s show involves comedy, audience participation and amazing magic like making items disappear and reappear across the room.

Those wishing to learn more about Michael Kent’s magic show can find video on his website, michaelkentLIVE.com.