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Great Magicians Kevin and Cindy Spencer Get Great Press

Inside Magic Image of Kevin and Cindy Spencer from their Web Site spencersmagic.comTwo of the nicest magicians we know, Kevin and Cindy Spencer are set to delight audiences in Greenville, Tennessee this Friday evening.

Their show “Theatre of Illusion” includes more than 12 tons of illusions and favorably compares to David Copperfield’s traveling cavalcade in terms of size and amazement per second.   They stuff (neatly) their show into a 65-foot customized truck and trailer and, like the great magic shows of the past, travel the world.

Mr. Spencer’s background is clinical psychology and so it seems fitting to trust one’s sense of perception to him.  “I was going to help people’s minds, but now I just mess with them.”

We cannot think of nicer people to mess with our minds.

Of course, it could be that Kevin and Cindy Spencer have just messed with our minds so well that we would think that.  We need to stop thinking about that possibility, though because it gives us a headache in our eyeball.

The Theatre of Illusion takes the best parts of Broadway and arena-style rock concerts to bring magic to family audiences.  We have it on good authority, they are the only artists in history to be named Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year for a record-breaking six consecutive years and have twice been named America’s Best Entertainers.

To support our claim that they are a great people as well as great magicians, we note first that Kevin Spencer’s outreach program The Healing of Magic – a partnership with local healthcare providers that uses simple magic tricks in rehabilitation.  The program brings together caregivers, medical professionals and patients.

As if that was not sufficient to prove their inherent goodness, the Spencers have consistently supported Inside Magic over the last 60 years we have been on the webs.  We receive updates from them as they crisscross the globe.

If you are in the Greenville, Tennessee area this week, be sure to check out one of the reasons we are so proud of our association with magicians.  Tickets may be purchased online at www.npacgreeneville.com, in person at the NPAC box office or by calling (423) 638-1679.

Kevin Spencer: Illusionist, Educator & Filmmaker Needs Your Help

Inside Magic Image of Kevin SpencerKevin Spencer is a remarkable magician and human being.   He will be on Fox & Friends Monday, March 11th to discuss the making of a documentary Bag of Tricks: Exploring the Magic of Those with Disabilities.

The making of a film is an expensive undertaking and notwithstanding his own financial contributions to the project, he could use a little help.  He hopes to engage contributors through his very informative web page on the crowd-source site Indegogo.com.

The documentary follows the process of “self-discovery and self-determination told through the voices, faces, and hands of incredible individuals who struggle with some of life’s most difficult challenges.”

Mr. Spencer serves as an adjunct faculty in the Occupational Therapy Department of the University of Alabama in Birmingham.  He provides instruction to therapists, teachers and administrators on methods of integrating magic into their rehabilitation programs.   And, oh yeah, he is a world-famous magician with great touring show. Continue reading “Kevin Spencer: Illusionist, Educator & Filmmaker Needs Your Help”