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Great Magicians Kevin and Cindy Spencer Get Great Press

Inside Magic Image of Kevin and Cindy Spencer from their Web Site spencersmagic.comTwo of the nicest magicians we know, Kevin and Cindy Spencer are set to delight audiences in Greenville, Tennessee this Friday evening.

Their show “Theatre of Illusion” includes more than 12 tons of illusions and favorably compares to David Copperfield’s traveling cavalcade in terms of size and amazement per second.   They stuff (neatly) their show into a 65-foot customized truck and trailer and, like the great magic shows of the past, travel the world.

Mr. Spencer’s background is clinical psychology and so it seems fitting to trust one’s sense of perception to him.  “I was going to help people’s minds, but now I just mess with them.”

We cannot think of nicer people to mess with our minds.

Of course, it could be that Kevin and Cindy Spencer have just messed with our minds so well that we would think that.  We need to stop thinking about that possibility, though because it gives us a headache in our eyeball.

The Theatre of Illusion takes the best parts of Broadway and arena-style rock concerts to bring magic to family audiences.  We have it on good authority, they are the only artists in history to be named Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year for a record-breaking six consecutive years and have twice been named America’s Best Entertainers.

To support our claim that they are a great people as well as great magicians, we note first that Kevin Spencer’s outreach program The Healing of Magic – a partnership with local healthcare providers that uses simple magic tricks in rehabilitation.  The program brings together caregivers, medical professionals and patients.

As if that was not sufficient to prove their inherent goodness, the Spencers have consistently supported Inside Magic over the last 60 years we have been on the webs.  We receive updates from them as they crisscross the globe.

If you are in the Greenville, Tennessee area this week, be sure to check out one of the reasons we are so proud of our association with magicians.  Tickets may be purchased online at www.npacgreeneville.com, in person at the NPAC box office or by calling (423) 638-1679.

The Spencers and the Widow’s Mite

Inside Magic Favorites and International Magicians of the Year, Kevin and Cindy Spencer bring their incredible and aptly named show Theatre of Illusions to Lander University's Josephine B. Abney Cultural Center Auditorium on October 19, 2010.

Why do we like the Spencers so effusively; other than they are great performers?

They care and care deeply; and not just about Magic, performing, or publicity. They care genuinely about people.

In fact, Kevin will bring his Healing of Magic curriculum to Lander's students the day before their big stage show. Through the program, healthcare professionals of all levels learn the therapeutic efficacy of Magic in the treatment of patients with cognitive or motor impairment.

This program has proven effective and The Spencers' have proven their commitment. They could have glommed onto any charitable cause, held shows, and contributed a portion from their profits or split ticket revenue. Chances are, they would receive accolades from within and without the Magic Community. News outlets would still cover them and they would feel some satisfaction in "giving back." Moreover, who are we to judge the motivations of any performer willing to do a good deed – even if doing the deed promotes ticket sales and bolsters the ego?

Assuming that time is really the currency of the traveling performer, the Spencers' willingness to give up a day to teach technicians, nurses, and doctors, is giving from their poverty. They have been giving through this program and in other ways around the world for years.

The web-based news provider for the Greenwood, South Carolina had one line that caught our eye. "The Spencers believe in magic on and off the stage. For these efforts, The Spencers were awarded the "Harry Chapin Award for Contributions to Humanity."

We thought about the line for almost an hour. We doubt anyone would take the time they take, give the commitment they offer, or steal precious hours from their crammed travel, practice and performance schedules in exchange for such a distinguished award.

We felt embarrassed and maybe properly shamed to wonder whether they felt their work was worthwhile; or if they ever considered a less labor-intensive way of doing good.

Like the widow in Luke 21, they are not giving to be seen but to help.

Check out The Spencers' very cool web site at www.SpencersMagic.com.

Read the full article about their appearance here: International Magicians of the Year to perform at Lander.