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Creative Magic to Close

Inside Magic Image of Our Staff Reading the News of Creative Magic ClosingLike most magicians, we were intrigued by the tease and hints Creative Magic floated in the last couple of weeks.

The promised a big announcement on the 24th of June and even had a countdown clock to add to the excitement.

There should be a law against having such a build-up for such sad news.

Just after the stroke of midnight, we received word from Brian and Rebekah that as of this moment, Creative Magic was ceasing production of all items.  They announced the company is closing and that the inventory will be liquidated.

We are a trusting sort here at Inside Magic.  If you tell us you have a surprise for us but you cannot tell us for a week or two, we assume it will be a good surprise.  If you tease us with hints and cryptic clues on Facebook, we are even more sure the surprise will be something in which we will find delight, not that we will become depressed upon its revelation.
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