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Inside Magic Image of Our Staff Reading the News of Creative Magic ClosingLike most magicians, we were intrigued by the tease and hints Creative Magic floated in the last couple of weeks.

The promised a big announcement on the 24th of June and even had a countdown clock to add to the excitement.

There should be a law against having such a build-up for such sad news.

Just after the stroke of midnight, we received word from Brian and Rebekah that as of this moment, Creative Magic was ceasing production of all items.  They announced the company is closing and that the inventory will be liquidated.

We are a trusting sort here at Inside Magic.  If you tell us you have a surprise for us but you cannot tell us for a week or two, we assume it will be a good surprise.  If you tease us with hints and cryptic clues on Facebook, we are even more sure the surprise will be something in which we will find delight, not that we will become depressed upon its revelation.

You can read the details on the liquidation plan below.  We’re sorry to see such an innovative force leave the ever-shrinking marketplace for shoppers looking for truly creative approaches to magic.  This comes on the heels of Mark and Shelia Cannon announcing their decision to close Cannon’s Great Escapes.

The walls are closing in on us.

The knock off artists thrive, feasting on the ingenuity and originality of others.  Eventually their food source will be gone but that is always the case with parasitic organisms.  Because they owe no loyalty to the food chain they insidiously join and slowly leech, they can move on to another type of host or a different ecological environment.  They leave behind the carcasses of their unfortunate, often trusting, hosts without remorse or concern.

Support your local magic dealer and those on the interwebs that act honorably and in the best interest of our art.

Other crafts and professions can join in a race to the bottom; fighting for the absurd title of winner in a contest designed to destroy profit margins and creativity.  Let doctors and lawyers undercut each other with ever decreasing prices and cuts to the bottom line that make their professions little more than an automatic dispensary of uniform solutions.

Magic is and should always be immune to the market forces that can eventually devastate other trades.  Our price structure often has no relationship to the cost of  materials or — oddly — demand for the effect or illusion.  We hasten the craft’s demise by playing by the rules of the supermarket and big box discount stores.

Here is the message we received from Creative Magic.

We have ceased manufacturing of our ENTIRE product line
see the countdown
This is no joke.

What has all this fuss been about?

Well effective today, we have ceased manufacturing of our ENTIRE product line and we are no longer taking orders.

Yes, you read that right.

We will not accept orders, no matter how much you beg or offer or bribe Puga with dog treats.

But you do have one last chance to get EVERYTHING (and we do mean everything) because we are “packing up our bags” in an incredibly different way than most.
We are selling off the company piece by piece and this is your last chance to buy Creative Magic “stock.”

Tomorrow we will have the full details on the site, but in the meantime here is a basic overview of what we are doing:


You see, we have LOTS of inventory and rather than have every wedding gift we ever give from now on be a bottomless tent, and every baby shower gift be a pop-open playpen that looks like a die, we have decided to give it ALL to our customers.

That’s right, we’re taking everything we have, dividing it into lots (or bundles), and selling off Creative Magic one “portion” at a time.

We promised it would be the deal of a lifetime and it will be.

Because, not only are you guaranteed to get one of everything for way below retail, but in many cases you will get two, three, or even more of each product.

There has never been a better time to complete your Creative Magic collection, but more importantly, this is your LAST CHANCE to do so.

This is also a great way to get doubles/backups of your favorite products. And you could probably turn around and sell the stuff you don’t want for more than you paid for the whole portion.

But our favorite suggestion is to go in on a portion with your friends or local club.  We will have some suggestions on our site on how your local club could use a portion to boost membership and add value to current members!!!

Based on the 24 hour sale we had two years ago, and more recent sales where we discontinued items, we are fairly certain this will be pretty popular and that is why we felt it would be a good idea to stagger the opportunity to reserve your portion.

The first 24 hours will be open to:
– customers that have spent $1000 or more with us

Then the second 24 hours will be open to:
– anyone who has spent $300 or more

And after that, it is open to anyone (we will be taking Sunday off so technically it opens to everyone else on Monday, June 27 – while supplies last!).

If you have not already watched the video clues on our Facebook page, you can now watch them on our homepage and those will give you a little more insight into what we are doing.

We want to thank you all for your support these last seven years.  It really has been more fun than we could have ever imagined.


You will hear from us again in 24 hours with the full details…and then the fun begins!

Best wishes,

Brian & Rebekah

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