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David Copperfield Donates Rare MLK Recording

Inside Magic Image of David Copperfield Magician David Copperfield has always been a good guy in our book and the later film adaptation of our book now appearing in New York and Los Angeles art theatres — the kind where they serve you blush wine to sip in the dark whilst you eat your popcorn and sit in the odd-shaped chairs scavenged from a distressed office furniture auction.

But he has proven his goodness by something he did not do.  Mr. Copperfield happened across a very rare recording of an interview with Martin Luther King Jr. made in December 1960.

Tennessean Stephon Tull found the tape in some of his father’s old boxes a few months ago.

“No words can describe. I couldn’t believe it,” Mr. Tull told the Associated Press. “I found … a lost part of history.”

His father was intent on writing a book about his personal encounters with racism and the interview was apparently conducted in support of the book.  Dr. King shared his definition of nonviolence and supported its practice to overcome the social scourge racism represents.

Here’s the magic part.  Inside Magic Favorite David Copperfield bought the tape recording from a New York collector.  He could have exploited it for quick cash or grabbed some headlines with news of his acquisition.  Did he?  No, he did not.  And that’s why we like him so. Continue reading “David Copperfield Donates Rare MLK Recording”