Rob Zabrecky: From Rocker to Magician

Image of Rob Zabrecky's New Book - Strange Cures
Get it Now – Rob Zabrecky’s New Memoir

If you haven’t seen Rob Zabrecky perform, you should stop reading and find him.  Ask him to perform a trick and then  come back to read the about the latest from this inventive, creative man.

Mr. Zabrecky is famous (in our world and others) for  effortlessly and compellingly performing some of the best magic we’ve seen.

And remember, we have a mirror in our single-wide home parked on the lawn of a generous and unknowing rich family in Beverly Hills.

While we rarely use the mirror — it is cracked, but not by us so the bad luck is on someone else — when we do, we perform some pretty wild effects; some of which could be considered magic.

Most involve puppets we make from our used pot pie pans (our main diet) or … no actually we just have access to pot pie pans, so that’s about it.

The book is titled Strange Cures: A Memoir and is currently available on Amazon (the internet company).   From the press release:

In the book, the Possum Dixon rocker and magician pulls the curtain back on his wild upbringing and coming-of-age story, including everything from an uncle who impersonated an FBI agent to his days as part of the budding music-and-arts scene in L.A.’s Silver Lake neighborhood.

Rob also delves into his struggles with addiction, his recovery and pivot to magic, and his introduction to Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

In addition to being an incredible performer who engages audiences completely, he is an actor on a Delta safety video, on television and in the movies — plus and really nice guy. He has a riveting story to tell.

We cannot wait to read it.

Strange Cures is available now on Amazon.

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