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Inside Magic, being a responsible location for the very latest Magic News, responds to comments and questions posed by our tens of readers as required by court order or when there is no real magic news to report on any given day. 

Today is just such a day.

Dear Inside Magic:

The name of this blog led me to believe it is a good source for interior decorating tips. I read the entire post twice and found not a word about interior decorating.

Editor’s Response:

Thank you for your kind email comment.  For our first twenty years we were dedicated to interior decorating tips.  See for example:

“Your Furniture Choices Can Determine Your Life Path,” June 1, 1973

“End Tables and Doilies: A Dangerous Combination or Essential for Living,” August 18, 1978

“Why Persian Rugs Lead to Static Electricity Death,” December 7, 1979

“Cats on Furniture: Decoration or Scratching Worry,” May 9, 1980

“Pizza in the Formal Dining Room: Experts Say ‘Sure’,” September 9, 1985

“High Backed Chairs and Their Effect on Your Horoscope,” November 11, 1990

“Why We Don’t Like Embroidery – A Six Installment Examination,” April 1-6, 1995 (Nominated for Pulitzer)

“Lemon Pledge, the Smell of Death?” June 6, 1999

“Chippendales: Dancers of Bad Design?” October 31, 2002 (Led to Litigation and Costly Settlement with both Furniture Association of America and a Male Dance Troup)

“Keep Your Area Rugs in the Area with Magnets, November 25, 2007 (Nominated for Magnet News (Feature Category)

“Nick Knacks – Why Knock What Works?” March 15, 2010 (Caesar Day Award Nominee (Least Relevant Category))

We did move to magic related news in 2011 to avoid litigation and an on-going (later settled) investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for false domain name use.  “Inside Magic must include news of Magic (whether of the occult or by professional magicians doing magic tricks for entertainment purposes).

Our lawyers suggested we focus on magic by professional magicians rather than the occult to avoid further litigation by psychics and occult practitioners (“Voodoo may or may not be real but the risk is not worth the Google Ad money.”)  At the time, we were dejected and in debt to our legal counsel.  We attempted to pay with free magic shows for their children but the offer was rejected; which coincidentally, led to further dejection.

We moved to an all magic format and hence cover things like The Amazing Johnathan’s documentary.  We realize that the documentary has very little to do with interior design other than the one scene where The Amazing Johnathan talks about Feng Shui and his short rant about lamp design declining since the 1960s, but that’s where we are.

Dear Inside Magic:

I doubt you’ll even read this note or even respond but why is there no coverage of Tony Spain’s attempt to break Houdini’s underwater record.  It was covered by other magic sites but nothing here.

Editor’s Response:

We have a grudge against Tony Spain and do not consider him a valid magician much less an escape artist.  He attempted the feat in his own bathtub and broadcast it on YouTube.  That is not worthy of coverage.

The fact that he failed is even more reason to neglect his efforts.  He came back up (with suspicious edits) in less than a minute and his decision to show his clearing of his very wide nostrils left us feeling nauseous and caused an even greater grudge.

As we have noted in the past, if Tony did not have a fortune from his residency in Vegas opening for some singer, he would have nothing to offer.  He has no sleight of hand skills and his presentation is usually laced with profanity.

His idea to include a bullet catch in his kids’ show was reckless and irresponsible.  He has an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Kentucky for fraud involving animal balloons.  He rarely showers or bathes (his failed Houdini attempt is an exception) and his hair is usually a mess.  He called Inside Magic a “bad web site that is not ‘inside’ nor ‘magic.’”

He exposed the secret to our first illusion, “Vanishing Pasta Eating Lady,” on Fox Television.  He has been dismissed from several magic organizations and is generally disliked by people who have had only a brief encounter with him.

He is not allowed to use tollgates that are manned by actual humans.  His only addition to the Magic literature is his essay, “How to Get Kids to Eat Eggs.”  We were surprised anyone published this and suspect some bribery was involved.

In fact, we suspect Tony himself wrote this email to the Editor and are sure we have already given him too much space.

Dear Editor:

Where can I buy a rabbit that will stay still when performing?

Editor’s Response:

We are not clear whether you want the rabbit to perform or you (the magician) will perform.  Nevertheless, most rabbits will stay in the same position when seated in or on a prop.  You may want to read our book (out of print but available through Amazon) How to Make Your Rabbit Do the Right Thing.

In the 700 page book, we discuss each way magicians have found to keep their rabbit in the same place for the duration of their (the magician’s) performance.  The index is helpful for quick reading.

It was awarded the “Book of the Year” by The Magic Newsletter (no longer in print and not available other than at the Library of Congress).  Our rabbits are trained to not only stay in the same place but also to not produce rabbit pellets during our act.  It can be done, read our book.

Dear Editor Person:

How can I learn magic?

Editor’s Response:

Inside Magic does not expose magic tricks and so you will not likely learn tricks here but will certainly be made aware of performers who do show their magic to crowds.  Also, we are assuming you mean magic that is used for entertainment purposes and not the occult.  If it is the latter, may we suggest our sister website, Inside Occult for the very latest on psychics and practitioners of dark arts used to injure or coerce others to do what you want.

If you have a question for Inside Magic, please send it to

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