A Regular Little Houdini Takes the Stage in South Wales

Inside Magic Image from A Regular Little HoudiniA Regular Little Houdini, written and performed by Daniel LLewelyn-Williams, will open at the south Wales theatre Stiwdio Stepni on Thursday, September 11.

We read of the show on Llanelli Star‘s on-line site and were fascinated by the story and the magic that will apparently performed in the show.

The one-man show surrounds a young man growing up in the south Wales town of Newport between 1905 and 1913. The great magician visits Wales twice and apparently has some conflict with law enforcement as he works to build notoriety for his appearances.

“The story however documents the years between his famous visits looking at the changes in Wales from the young boy’s perspective.

Audiences are shown periods of industrial growth in south Wales, including the building of the transporter bridge and The Newport dock disaster of 1909 which killed 39 people.”

The article notes the show will feature “a brand new magic trick created specifically for the production by a secret magician who works with David Copperfield.”

What is the trick? Please tell us.

Mr Llewelyn-Williams said the trick has been “incorporated into the show and [he is] sure audiences will enjoy it.”

We hope one of Inside Magic’s loyal readers in the south Wales realm will let us know more about the show and the special effect. We hate not knowing.

Read more here.

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