Biting Cold Delays Bullet Catch Performance

Inside Magic Image: Rob DrummondThe frigid cold has descended on the tiny hamlet of Ann Arbor, Michigan keeping kids home from school and delaying delivery of the equipment Rob Drummond thereby postponing his first show last night.

We mentioned the performance on these faded virtual pages earlier in the week and read more about the man and his show.  We’re still nervous about it.

The show traces the history and mythology surrounding the trick that Harry Houdini would not perform and ends with an audience member shooting Mr. Drummond in the face.

Apparently some magicians have complained about his exposure of the effect and we understand their concern.  It is not just the disclosure of a well-kept secret that bothers us but also providing instruction (no matter how sketchy) to audiences could lead to failed attempts to duplicate the trick.

That’s fine if you expose the Foo Can or Square Circle; if something goes horribly wrong, you get water on your stage or look like a dope.  If you think you know how to do the bullet catch and are wrong – even a little bit wrong – you will die.

“I am attracted to mysteries,” Mr. Drummond told a reporter.  “And I want to understand about what makes people work, about the human connection.”

Guns draw attention.

“And audiences need more to be drawn in these days.  But amazingly, when the gun comes out in the room, the atmosphere changes every time.  Why do joining rings when you can get someone to shoot you?”

Good point, sort of.

“You can never be truly comfortable having a gun pointed at you.”

Nor should you ever be comfortable in that situation.

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